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    Thumbs up Pro elite lean mass gainer

    hows things troops,looking for a bit of advice on a supplement i have recently bought looking to pack on mass i have been training for 4 years and tried a lot of different supplements ie usn muscle fuel anabolic (which is great but expensive) phd,maximuscle and matrix. This new protein i have bought is PRO ELITE LEAN MASS GAINER just to see if anyone has experienced any results from this product and can give me any feedback on whether or not it is good. It has a good price tag at only 26.99 for a 4kg tub,cannot post link but if you put whey protein into ebay and scroll down on the first page you will see it,any feedbk would be appreciated,cheers
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    i am trying this i will let you know if it works
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    I've now brought this as a first trial as I've never done supplements before is it any good ?
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