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    Need a personal trainer for the Maldives

    Hello, my friend George from England works in the Maldives building hoyels, he is 32 years old and needs to work out and get in shape. He makes decent money and is willing to pay to have someone train him for 12 months here are the details.

    1. $1000 tax free per month
    2. Food taken care of
    3. Accommodation taken care of, your own bedroom with bathroom in resort staff housing
    4. After your training you can do whatever you want, the time is yours to do as you please
    5. Advise the staff cook on what meals to make for George and guide him on what to eat
    6. George might be transfered to Thailand or India during the 12 months you with him, he will pay for your flight organize your visa and provide you with food and accommodation with him if this happens.
    7. All visa, travel and other fees will be taken care of.

    OK so the maldives sounds great and it is, however to make sure there is no confusion you will be staying in staff accommodations but you will be able to swim on the beach, enjoy the ocean, go to different islands and take day trips. Please understand you will not be using the hotel facilities such as the pool, bar and restaurants as these are for guests only. However George will do what he can to make sure you enjoy your stay as much as possible.

    It's not a lot of cash but you get to see the world a bit and try out something new. George is a fun guy but loves to drink, and eat so he needs someone to kick him in the a@@ and get him in shape. If this is you please email with a pic and details then we can organize a Skype call and see if this is something that would work out for both of you.
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