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    Thumbs up Alan Aragon-Girth Control-A Review

    Alan Aragon-Girth Control-A Review

    Iím going to admit Iíve been guilty of skimming books. I read, and I read A LOT.

    When I was about 11 years old I remember that infomercial sweater guy who had a speed reading course on his amazing discovery ďshow,Ē and I wanted it soooo bad. Needless to say I didnít get it, but I did learn to read pretty fast anyway. Sometimes I read too fast and sometimes there were books you just canít read that fast at all.

    Enter Alan Aragonís Girth Control: The Science Of Fat Loss and Muscle Gain.

    Alan Aragon is by far one of the coolest guys I have never met. I have had the pleasure of talking to him a few times and can assure you that he is as smart as he is, and he also ďgetís it.Ē Thatís a rare quality. Most who are really smart like that miss the boat. They donít ďget itĒ and they canít communicate with people. Instead, they just end up talking in a gibberish that only 10 other ďsmart peopleĒ can understand. It becomes an intellectual pissing contest if you will. Itís sad to see, but a bit funny to watch.

    You donít get that with Alan. However, this post isnít about him really, this is about Girth.

    The first time I read Girth I would call it ďmore grazing.Ē I saw enough to know that I would like it if I REALLY read it.

    I got the urge to read it again, and really read it. Maybe Iím just smarter or maybe itís just that I am dying for quality information but it was a heck of a great read the second time around.

    First, who is this book for?

    Currently, my readers right now are a bit all over the map, and I will be honest that for some of you the beginning aspect of this book may be too technical at first. However, I encourage you to push those boundaries of knowledge comfort anyways. Sometimes itís a good thing to challenge your ability to learn. That is not to say that this is fat loss rocket science, Iím simply noting that some parts are advanced in discussion (i.e. scientific).

    I will say if youíre a trainer and you want to be worth a grain of salt, you will buy this book. And if you ever read the phrase ďstudies showĒ and it actually means something to you, then you should buy this book.

    Most of the world does not realize what a study is and how flawed they are in general yet many will make really important daily life choices because of them, or worse because of press summaries of those same studies. That can be a very dangerous thing for your ability to choose your own destiny and to go outside of that box that you have stuck yourself in.

    If you ever want to free yourself of relying on the words of others, if you ever want to provide yourself with the ability to be the ones ďin the knowĒ then this is one hell of a place to start. This is the kind of book Taubes wishes he could write.

    ďWith bills to pay and/or mouths to feed, scientists arenít magically exempt from the many temptations and the guerrilla tactics of doing business.Ē

    The first three chapters teach you how to understand research on a level of the technical and, even better, how to form opinion from scientific observations. These first sections are the ultimate lesson in study doís, dontís and they did whatís?

    After that you get into the bulk of the book which is the teaching of what proteins, carbs, and fats really are and why we have the feelings and theories behind them that we do.

    Is GI index really important?

    What kind of role does insulin really play on fat loss?

    How much protein do we really need?

    How are fats changing the way we look at health?

    One of my favorite parts of the book is the insertion of studies. While it may seem at first glance that Alan keeps the reading buried a bit too deep in data, you have to look between the lines a little bit and see that sometimes he is downright exposing hypocrisy and the ridiculous acts of our government and the lives of other cultures. Point being, itís only dry if you donít see the work for what it is: an exposure.

    ďIíve always felt that Mother Nature winced every time a yolk hit the waste basket. Having scoured the research, itís comforting to know that my gut feeling on the issue has a fair amount of support.Ē

    Following that statement are some great study highlights about the effects of yolks on our health. I donít know if any of you read the recent headlines about how eating eggs will kill you, but Alan can easily show you not only is this not the case but also, again, how to read an actual study and see itís flaws.

    There is also some talk of supplements in Girth, what they do, and if you need them. A book that saves some money in your pocket is always a good read as the majority of us are always walking to GNC.

    Alan finishes out the book with what you need to do to achieve either fat loss or muscle gain on a optimum and successful level. This is where his information, for the most part, is a pretty easy read. He covers some great topics from fasting, pre/post workout nutrition, interval training, and the bodies ability to adapt to dieting down.

    ďThe body is simply doing its job as an adaptive survival unit when a plateau occurs. When you stop to think about it, the ultimate goal is to plateau!Ē

    Obviously my focus is on fat loss, and, well, technically Alan is my competition but what can I say, the man does his job and he does it well. If you already have my books (ícause you know you should) then why not add Alanís to the collection as well? Never be afraid to learn more, never be afraid to keep diving deep. There are few of us out there in the world who donít like to be told what to think and do. I think this is why I liked Girth so much; I like those who scream against the crowd.

    Itís safe to say that Girth delivers on the knowledge front. I hope you take a chance and believe in your ability of thought and give it a shot as well. Always strive to put knowledge in your own hands because thatís the true way to lead to a new life.

    Knowledge is fat loss power.


    To get Girth go check out Alanís site at
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