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    Coming off a slap tear surgery advice

    Hey Guys,

    I am hoping someone can give me some guidance here and I'm sorry if this is covered in another thread. I had an arthroscopic surgery to fix a slap tear in my left shoulder in the middle of December. Recovery and physical therapy has been going good and the surgeon said things appear they may even be a little ahead of schedule. The tear wasn't horrible there was no damage to anything else. Surgeon put in a few anchors and cleaned up a few bone spurs and that was it.

    I talked with the surgeon today (about 6 weeks post op) and he thinks if things continue to go well I can return to the gym and start lifting (very lightly) at about the 3 month mark.

    Long and short is I have a physical standard test I will at some point need to pass for work. The exercises I'm a little worried about are pull ups, push ups and bench press everything cardio or lower body I continue to train while my shoulder heals.

    Anyone on here have a similar surgery that can give me an idea of what I should expect as far as when you were able to do these exercises again? I'm ok with discomfort and I'm ok with it taking some time to regain what I used to have but I don't want to A. re injure myself of B. not be able to do a pull up for a year.

    Standards I will need to meet

    1 rep bench (bodyweight)
    50 pushups
    6 pullups

    I'm 28 5-11 180ish lbs and was in overall good shape and doing this without issue before the surgery for what its worth

    thanks again
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