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    Question about BMR and losing body fat with cardio and strength training

    I have calculated my BMR or Basal Metabolic Rate, and I came up with 2025 calories as light activity or x1.375, and also calculated moderate, x1.55 and came up with 2283 calories.

    I know that BMR is the amount of calories that I use throughout the day without working out.

    Before I go on to my question, I have calculated the amount of calories that I should eat for cardio and strength training to lose body fat. This includes most protein and very small carbs and good fats.
    For this diet plan I came up with 875 total calories for 3 meals per day.

    Now this is the question: My BMR is 2025 and my daily calorie intake is 875 calories, so, by these numbers I am calorie deficit right? This would also maximize fat loss with strength and minimal cardio work out correct?

    From what I understand, I need to take less calories and start strength training to build muscles and by building more muscles, I burn body fat.

    I hope I am correct about my BMR/daily calorie intake equation to lose weight.

    Thanks guys
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