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    Muscle Fiber Recruitment!!!!!

    Hello Men,

    Itís been awhile BUSY these days. Taking a break from it all to drop a post in

    Letís talk muscle fiber recruitment: Resistance Exercises stimulates the nervous system and recruits a number of muscle fibers appropriate to the taskÖjust like weight training with less stress to the connective tissues once youíre careful. During a resistance curl for instance, the heavier the resistance the more muscle fibers tend to be stimulated or recruited and the more they are stimulated to contract.

    Letís look at this by performing a curl applying enough tension that would cause you to fail at 10 reps. Appling one rep after the other the recruited muscle fibers progressively become fatigued so their ability to generate that force declines. This is were your nervous system tries to recruit additional muscle fibers to continue the contraction. Before itís forced to shut down because of the fiber overload of lactic acid and decreased calcium deposits within the muscle's structure. This seeps out as a contraction is made little by little until the muscle contains no calcium deposits and on reaches muscular failure. Anyway, Once muscular failure reaches to that point... A good way to progress is to pause briefly between reps in order for the fibers to recover and letting that lactic acid to dilute in the bloodstream. My favorite form of training is high-low volume intensity but, not all the time though. For once the trainee trains this way for long periods theyíll overtrain quickly. My goal with training is to stimulate as many fibers as possible at as many angles as possible which is a critical factor in attaining the strength and muscle size the trainee requires.

    Now as I type this post on muscle fiber recruitment it raises some interesting possibilities. Letís take a closer look at the end of a setÖ.the closer to the end of a set the muscles are less stimulation and re-recruitment fails within the fibers. So what do we do? Letís call this the M/M method. M/M method calls for the trainee to rest briefly-just long enough to allow the trainee to squeeze out another rep and so on, until youíve additional amount of reps. (Similar to Rest Pause) Each additional rep gives the trainee a chance to re-recruit all available fibers including the ones that were stimulated upon reaching muscular failure for the first time.

    The reasoning behind this? Once resistance is high or at itís maximum this will necessitate the fiber recruitment of all or nearly all available fibers. Because when a rep is performed all the fibers donít come into play all at once. Secondly, Once you continue a set until failure or close to it the cumulative fatigue caused by HIT training and low intensity training ensures that all muscle fibers are recruited. This is especially important for stimulating ďHypertrophy-ResistantĒ Endurance Oriented fast twitch muscle fibers that most trainees have and can relate with. Iíve tried this system for 30 days with success Youíll gain strength, muscle size and loss some weight at the same time.

    Talk to you guys soon.

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