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    Quest to be ripped like a hollister/abercrombie model (Fairly Long)

    Quick overview of my life recently. About 2 months ago I dropped out of sixth form because I was sick and tired of it and could get where I want to be without Uni etc. (Sixth form is A form of college in England incase any Americans wondering what I'm on about) My plan is to work for a year in a retail job and save up a bit of cash, and until today, I've been unsuccessful.

    Today I managed to get a job interview, for Hollister, as an instore model, only problem being is that I'm not in the best shape of my life. I have roughly 3 weeks to get into as best shape I can be and lose as much fat as I can.

    I have a plan on how I'm going to workout and eat but I really need to people to help me out and improve my plan to make me yield the fastest results as I literally need this job so much.

    First off my weight etc.. I'm 18, Weigh about 207 pounds and I'm roughly 6/6"1. I have a decent amount of functional muscle thanks to sports (Reason why I've gained weight is thanks to a bad injury, but I'm okay now) The reason I know I have a good level of functional muscle is that I'm still more agile, stronger and quicker then most players on my team (And I play at a good level, I used to play for harlequins rugbly club, so I require similar traits to a wide receiver in american football.)

    For sporting reasons I need to preserve as much functional muscle as I can, if not gain some. Main problem Is my diet. It's not that I can't stick to good clean food, it's the fact my parents buy a load of ****ty food and refuse to buy good food for me as they say all I need to do is exercise. So I have a budget of 20 pounds a week to buy food that will last me the week and allow me to eat perfectly throughout.

    So anyways, now you know about my situation, here's my current plan. I need as much input and tips as I can get to help me get to where I want to be. I'm even willing to take a completely new approach to exercising and diet if it means quicker and better results.

    Exercise - All my workout is based around the 'Spartan Warrior Workout' I just made it easier for myself to do as I don't have access to tires and sledgehammers and crap like that.

    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are total body workouts, except on some days I workout upper or lower body harder then others. So the weekly structure is -

    Monday - Hard Lower Body/Moderate upper body
    Tuesday - Moderate lower body/Hard upper body
    Wednesday - Rest / Stretches / Light excercise day. (Bike ride/Swim)
    Thursday - Hard lower Body/ Moderate upper Body
    Friday - Hard Upper Body/ Moderate Lower Body

    Then on Saturdays I'm aiming to do a workout based around improving my sprinting and agility. Which also acts as a HIIT workout.

    Sunday is another rest/light exercise day.

    During my workouts during the week, I'll be using a 12kg kettlebell and Body weight moves. I'm also planning on somehow getting a pull up bar. All this done in circuits to try maximise fat loss. Think MMA Style workouts.

    Diet - I'm going to aim for around 2000 calories a day with 5 meals eaten at 3 hour intervals.

    Breakfast - 500 Calories
    snack - 500 Calories
    lunch - 400 Calories
    snack - 200 Calories
    dinner - 400 Calories

    I'm aiming to drink 1L of water inbetween each meal and stick to food as natural as possible. Plenty of lean protein, vegetables, fruit, brown pasta and brown rice.

    On rest day's i'm thinking of eating roughly 2500 calories to aid recovery after the two hard days of training and relatively low calories.

    I'm going to be taking a thermogenic called "ALR Hyperdrive 3.0". Might nick my brother's fish oil tablets as he don't use them. And I have a decent protein powder and some oats for post-workouts.

    Nooow, I think I've covered everything! To recap, I need to lose as much weight as possible in roughly 3 weeks, retain/gain functional muscle, and eat on a budget of £20!

    So any feedback on my plan will be wonderful! But please don't link me to articles unless absolutely necessary, just tell me what I need to know. And also before people start thinking this is a thing that's stopping in 3 weeks and criticising me on that, It's not, I've been needing a push to get rid of this fat and I'm really psyched to get into perfect shape and do this finally. And plus this will help my sporting life a bundle.

    P.S I do have access to a pretty decent gym and would like to utilise it somehow, It's just I thought it might be too much to hit gym and do stuff on top of the kettle bell/callisthenics workout.
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    Well I don't know where to begin, other than to say READ THE STICKIES especially the Fat Loss for Newbies one. Although you probably don't want to hear this, you are not going to see a big difference in 3 weeks, not if you have a lot of weight to lose, for that matter not if you have a little weight to lose either! It looks like you kind of have a solid grasp on what to do for workouts so that's a good start. One thing I tell everyone just starting is to buy a food scale, and USE IT. You will always underestimate your calories if you do not do this.

    To lose properly an easy way to start is simply low carbs. Your protein/carbs/fat ratio each day should be something like 40%/40%/20%. Use a site like livestrong/myplate and enter in brand names and everything to get a proper macro count. Aim for that but don't obsess on it too much, what is more important is lots of protein and a significant calorie defecit. Good luck!
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