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    Pasteurized Egg Whites

    I've read countless threads/articles saying this is fine and yet every single day I hear from coworkers, friends, family and even my doctor that I'm crazy and that it is not healthy to eat them raw. So please help me figure out if I should continue to do this or not... maybe a study with some research behind it.

    And for all that would say just cook them, I do cook them 3 days a week its the other 4 days where I'm working the early shift and I wake up and don't feel like even eating breakfast let alone cooking eggs. In that case I mix up a shake with 8 egg whites, 1 scoop whey, 1 tbsp peanut butter and then have a bowl of raisin bran with a banana.

    The product I'm using is Simply Egg Whites by Naturegg.
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    egg whites

    yea i dont see a problem if they are 100% egg whites. the other stuff is crap and no good. The only thing i heard was if taken for long periods it thins out hair and stuff but its prob a load.
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    I drink them and plenty of my friends do as well
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    It is absolutely safe to drink liquid egg whites, but there is a massive difference between liquid and raw. "Liquid" egg whites means they have been pasteurized. Pasteurization kills bacteria and neutralizes Avadin. Drinking raw eggs out of the shell can not only be dangerous because of Salmonella and Listeria, but more so because of the threat of a Biotin deficiency from the Avadin enzyme. Heat is the only thing that can make an egg "safe" to consume. Pasteurizing heats the egg enough to make it safe while still maintaining the integrity of the protein / amino acids. Cooking them on your stove will denature some of the proteins and change the amino acid profile. There have been massive studies done on eggs......Google is your friend here bro. It’s a FACT that LIQUID whites are 100% bioavailable (NOTHING IS WASTED) and they are the purest form of protein on the planet. I have been bodybuilding for 7 years and I had no clue you could drink liquid whites up until a year has opened up a whole new dimension to my diet.

    There are many organizations on the web where you can find all of the scientific data that you need to support the claim. Look up the American Egg Board as a good starting point
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    My diet consists mostly of egg whites. I wouldn't have been able to get shredded and maintain as much muscle as I did with out them. I don't have time to cook them at work so I mix them with mio and drink.
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