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    Question How over-weight am I? How much do I need to lose?

    Hi, I am new here. I am 6'0, and 170. I am also only 16. But I am trying to figure out how much weight I need to cut so my abs will be visible?

    Heres a pic of me from last week. Just remove the space from the photobucket._com and paste into url. Since I am new, it is not allowing me to have any links....

    s682.photobucket. com/albums/vv186/EllisPerkins/?action=view&current=IMAG0064.jpg

    Before you say I have no muscle at all, I do have some. I wasn't flexing in the picture. My max on bench right now is 215, and I am working my abs daily. I am going to guess I need to lose about 10lbs?

    Thanks for any help. Also, what foods should I stay away from? Thanks. I just started running 5 miles a day to the gym, and lifting everyday (of course diff. muscles though).
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