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    Push/pull/legs program

    Hey guys! Any experienced bodybuilder opinions would be greatly appreciated!

    I’m currently 190lbs at 15% bf. years ago I used to bodybuild then went on to powerlift where my greatest lifts where:
    Squat 200kg
    Bench 150kg
    Deadlift 230kg

    I tore my knee cartilage at work which stopped me powerlifting. Went into depression and gave it all up! Kicking myself for it now but can’t change the past. 6-7years without training I got out of shape.. badly. First went skinny as **** then met my wife and she fed me up and made me fat bless her. I’ve been back in the gym now for the past 6months (roughly) and my goal now is bodybuilding. Since back at training I’ve transformed the look of my body but I am struggling with the body fat! Was 25% body fat at one point. My goal is 200lbs at 10% body fat. I know diet and nutrition is key but I wondered if you could pick any holes in my current training program?
    I’m doing a push pull legs split in a horizontal/vertical quad/ham style.
    Here’s goes:

    Monday chest light shoulders
    Incline dB/ barbell press 4x8-12
    Bench or machine press 4x8-12
    Incline smith 4x8-12
    Lateral raises FST7 style
    American KB swings/snatches Tabata
    Triceps extensions superset rope
    Push downs 3x10-15

    Tuesday quads
    Leg press close stance 4x8-12
    Squat/front squat 4x8-12
    Split squats/lunges 4x10-15
    Leg extensions FST7 style
    Calves abs and 15-20min cardio

    Wednesday back thickness
    Seated cable row 4x8-12
    Barbell/TBar row 4x8-12
    Db/ machine row 4x8-12
    Reverse flye/face pull 4x10-15
    Chest supported row 4x10-15
    Barbell curl Superset alternate dB curls 3x6-15

    Thursday shoulders light chest
    OHP/seated barbell press 4x8-12
    Arnold press/dB press 4x8-12
    Machine/smith press 4x8-12
    Machine/incline dB flyes 4x10-15
    High to low cables crossover FST7 style
    Dips/close grip bench 3x10-15 superset with tricep push downs one set to failure (rest pause)

    Friday hams/glutes
    High foot stance leg press 4x8-12
    Deadlift(all variations) 4x5-8
    RDL/good mornings 3x10-15
    Leg curls FST7 style
    Calves and cardio 15-20 minutes

    Saturday back width
    Pull-ups/neutral grip chin ups 4x8-12
    Close grip pull downs/pull downs 4x8-12
    Cables pull ins/wide grip pull downs 4x8-12
    Superset with lat pullovers or facepulls
    Shrugs 3x8-12
    Cables curls 4x10-15 superset hammer curls 4x10-15

    Obviously some days the reps vary but I try to keep it to this. Sometimes I add
    In drop sets when I feel the last set wasn’t enough. Didn’t know whether it would be best to keep all the chest movements on Monday and all the shoulder movements on Thursday but I feel it would be better to train them twice a week with the difference being on the actual pushing and accessory movements.

    Again thanks for any input
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