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    My Recomposition Restart Workout Journal

    This a restart workout Journal for me. Long story short. I kind of got frustrated with bodybuilding in the last few years to the point I haven't been to the gym in about 3 years. I have worked out off an on but with basic machine/calistenic work.

    I'm at about 167 and 16.5-17% bf based on the my electronic scale calculator. The working goal is to recomp at around 170 pounds until I'm at low enough bf% to start bulking again. At that time I would like to one day get to about 180-185.

    I'm using the Basic Barbell Routine from bodyrecomposition dot com(can't post links yet). I'm working at home right now so I have to make some adjustments. I don't have a rack so its difficult to do squats so I had to substitute BB hack squats for regular squats, DB overhead press for regular overhead press(changing soon), and machine pull down for chin ups(changing soon).

    One thing I didn't think about was how weak I really got over the last few years. Not lifting with heavy weights and not lifting a lot in general basically restarted me back to absolute beginner level.


    BB hacksquat 115 pounds 10,6,6 reps
    DB Overhead Press 20 pounds (40 total ) 12,12,9 reps
    Dead-lift 125 pounds 5,6,6 reps
    Pull down 60 pounds 15,15,15 reps
    DB Press 30 pounds (60 total) 10,10,8 reps

    BB hacksquat 135 pounds 12,12,10 reps
    DB Overhead Press 30 pounds (each hand ) 10,10,10 reps
    Dead-lift 145 pounds 10,10,8 reps
    Pull down 100 pounds 10,10,10 reps
    Bench Press 95 pounds 10,10,8 reps

    Body Composition Measurements
    8/15/19 167.4 Pounds 16.4%bf 61.8 water % 44.9 lean muscle
    9/29/19 167.5 pounds 16.6%bf 61.7 water % 44.9 lean muscle

    My body composition change has been up and down by a couple pounds in between the measurements but, not enough to really tell if any changes have really happened. My lifts have gone up an its been over month but what I'm guessing is I'm still in a neural adaption phase. Even though the lifts are still beginner level the work out are very difficult as far effort on my part so it doesn't feel like just adapting.

    My goal next month is to work on my diet and focus on protein in take and start making progress on decreasing my bf%. But overall just increasing my strength either through weight or volume on each workout.
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