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    Xpn rush hour review

    Hello all!

    I am currently taking this new pre workout from Xpn,

    first of all i have to said that i am training for 8 years and i have use some of these products out there.

    This one, the rush hour is pretty strong.
    It dont make me almost puke in the training like with the XPAND
    It is stronger than No xplode, superpump
    i have trained at 10 pm last week and at 12h30 i was sleeping
    and this is on a dosage of .75 scoop! i haven't take a full scoop yet, i am weighting 200lbs 6foot tall.
    Why only .75 of a scoop, lets have a look on the dosage, for me its is wayyy enought!!! Well Hugo girard is now an owner of this compagnie, he must have tried it a few times :P

    the only bad side is the taste! of s-hit it is not good!
    Probably only the canadian guy would be able to find this product on the tablets, or maybe by ordering on internet!

    For any info on this product: consule xpncanada .com, too bad for the link i cant post link under 30post!
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