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    Exclamation How can I DROP weight on testosterone cypionate

    I'm getting testosterone cypionate injections right now 2x per week and want to DROP weight fast. Normally I BULK UP pretty easy, but I actually want to LOSE weight and only gain lean muscle. NO BIG NECKS, just lean muscle. Can anyone help? What should I be doing? Looking to remove the fat around the waste and replace with a ripped stomach. I am 220 and hoping to get to a FIT 185.00, drop about 4 inches off my waste, and just cut the size I have now. I have NO clue what to do! I eat pretty healthy, 3 protein shakes, no fried foods, no red meats. I have a BAD sweet tooth, but eat mostly tuna sandwiches on whole grain for lunch, or something similiar, fish or chicken for dinner, gym 5x per week with roughly 40 mins of cardio and 1hr of weights. try to stay away from HEAVY lifting, to reduce my bulking possibility. I was taking Tren for a while and got good results but the gyno SUCKED! Now I am taking testosterone cypionate, so what do I do?
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