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    Smile can you help me with my routine

    Hi my name is branden I go to college; I am 20 years old, 194 pounds 6í 3Ē tall
    I am looking to gain muscle and then cut up after I gain mass

    On average I usually weight 180-85 pounds with around 13% fat. I worked out all during the first semester but I never gained too much muscle( I donít think I was eating right, nor had a right schedule.) and when I stopped working out for a month during winter vacation I lost some weight and was around 178-180 pounds. Well as soon as I got back to my school I started to eat like a cow, most of the food I am eating was considerably healthy for me and is protein packed. I also switched up my schedule and I carry around a notebook with me while I work out to know what I am doing, I added more multi muscle workouts like dead lifts, squats, and power cleans. Since I have been back I have gained around 15 pounds, which has only been 1 month. I now way more than I ever did.

    I was wondering if 15 pounds is too drastic, and Iím sure it is not all muscle but Iím wondering if you guys could help me with my diet to make sure it is a good one and also to take a look at my routine to see if itís too much on me or if I could change something, Iím also looking to change my routine up after 6 weeks so my muscles donít get used to my workout.

    Keep in mind I donít mind gaining fat because I,m going to lose it during my cutting phase but if Iím gaining too much fat let me know, I would say I donít gain or lose weight easily.
    Supplements I am taking- 3x 300mg fish oil, and 2x multivitamins a day, I take a milk and egg protein by universal nutrition for casein protein at night and take anator p90 x directly after a work out( would also like to know if this works) I dont have that much money but if you really think a supplement works please let me know.

    Monday-Friday Between 7:30 and 9:00 I eat for every breakfast 5-8 hard boiled eggs 1-2 middles, 2 eggs scrambled, around 2 cups of yogurt, and I would say 2-4 cups of milk
    Between 12:15-100 I have lunch usually consisting of 2-4 cups of milk maybe a cheeseburger(wheat bread, and I have this one the least), tuna fish sandwich, or any combination of a turkey/ham/salami/cheese sandwich. Im usually still too full to eat more.
    Between 3:15 and 4:15 I have 2 cups of milk, with one of those sandwiches above but on Tuesdays and Thursdays I have a steak and cheese.
    Between 5:00 and 7:00 depending on when I work out and this is forty minutes after I take my anator p90I have something on the lines on peanut butter and an apple with 1-4 cups of milk, something rather small because I am way too full to eat.
    Then I have a couple bananas or apples between then and when I take 40g of the milk and eggs protein.
    Sometimes I have a peanut butter and banana smoothie- thatís around 1-2 times a week
    For the weekends during my rest days I take 2x the milk and eggs protein but I also eat less, but somewhere along the same types of food.

    Here is what my schedule looks like
    Monday: Chest and Abs
    Tuesday: back and bies
    Wednesday: cardio and abs
    Thursday: shoulders and tries
    Friday: Legs
    Saturday: Rest
    Sunday: Rest
    Monday: chest shoulders and tries
    Tuesday: back bies and legs
    Wednesday: cardio and abs
    Thursday: chest shoulders and tries
    Friday: back bies and legs
    Saturday: rest
    Sunday Rest
    And repeat from the top
    Thank you for your help 
    Either reply or email me at
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