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    WallBall55's offseason training log

    Finally starting a training log after telling myself that i would for like 3 weeks. Well im a junior in highschool and my journey thru football and highschool has been long my freshman year I wanted to play football(I weighed around 140) so I joined and played in the first game a little bit then I never really played after that because I was a lazy kid who didnt do the smartest things got in trouble and messed up alot then I moved to a smaller shool in the upper penninsula of Michigan. A quiet little town where I didnt really no anyone and didnt have anything to do after school so I started going to the wieght room after school and started training hard in hopes of playing at my new school.
    I trained hard for the next couple of months and put on close to 40lbs and a lot of strength and speed. Then a week before football started my family moved and I didnt get to play football my sophmore year because I was home schooled. Then a few months later we moved back to Michigan right after the regular season ended so I didnt join.
    For the next nine months I continued to train even harder because I was so determined to play on my schools team. Over the next summer I went to camps with the team and continued to train.Then finally football season came and I started the whole season at left gaurd and nose tackle/middle linebacker(all i pretty much did was blitz as mlb). All my hard work payed off.
    My team was ranked as the number one team in division 8 in Michigan and the only team unbeaten in the regular season we allowed only 34 points all season but lost in our second playoff game against the team that ended up losing in the state finals. I got honorable mention-all conference. I also hurt my ankle in the final game of the season I never got it checked out but im pretty sure I just sprained it.
    Now im going to keep doing what i do.

    Goals by next season
    Power Clean-200
    40-low 4.7
    Vert.-28-30 in
    All conference, All UP, Dream Team, Play in the all star game-all at Nose Tackle
    Team Captain

    Power Clean-175x4
    40-last time i tested it was a 4.9
    Vert-last time 24 in

    I'm going to start a 5/3/1 system on Monday doing sprints and plyos 3 days a week. Im also starting a new diet and im going to try carb cycling having 4-high carb days, 1-medium carb day, and 2- low carb days. We'll see how it goes im usually not to good at diets but who knows? My Ankle is still a little sore but i can run and train on it just fine.
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