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Thread: DP Dual Trac 20

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    DP Dual Trac 20

    Hi All
    New poster here. Did that title make cringe just a little bit? Sorry.

    I did a search on this site and found almost exactly what I wanted, a thread where somebody got a DP Dual Trac 20, but had no clue how to assemble it. Problem was, nobody could supply the poster with a copy of the manual.

    I have to believe somebody here knows of somebody with this very entry level machine.

    I don't need the entire assembly manual. I have most of it assembled. But I cannot figure out how to route cables, or what length cable goes where.

    If somebody could post some pix of, ahem, their brother-in-laws Dual Trac 20, mainly detailing the routing of the cables, I would be most grateful.

    Thanks much,

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