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    FAME UK 2009 championships show reports

    FAME Britain 2009 Championships
    Results and photos

    FAME UK added a new flavor to the Fitness industry by holding the competition on the beach!
    There was volleyball, a BBQ & photoshoots on the beach. Traffic stopped and the lifeguards in their helicopters were circling around taking in the view of all the hot bodies.

    The number of athletes that competed this year was triple the amount of last year. There were an amazing 28 female athletes in the Fitness Model & Bikini class and a total of 40 athletes competed.
    Athletes came from all across the UK and World including: Brazil, Italy, Poland, Greece, France,Croatia,South Africa & USA!
    Winners were awarded with great prizes including articles of themselves in Muscle&Fitness magazine,supplements from LA Muscle, modeling contracts with top Fitness agency WAthletics, bodybuilding clothes, photoshoots with famous Muscle&Fitness photographer Tauseef and selected winners will be on the next FAME UK posters!
    check-out the show on tv: LA Muscle.TV

    FAME UK had all classes including

    Natural Bodybuilding



    Fitness model search

    Bikini model search

    Muscle model search

    Master Bodybuilding.

    Channel 5 and La Muscle where filming the whole event for a documentary and there was massive media attention form local papers including the Brighton paper-The Argus,The Voice magazine,Muscle&fFitness and other papers.
    There was plenty of other photographers & journalist from top name magazines and modeling scouts at the show busy looking for the next big name in the Fitness industry. Some athletes and models were given contracts and even people in the audience where approched, so it didn?t matter if your competing or there to watch you can still be signed to a modeling agency.

    photos of the show : fitpics.zenfolio (under FAME 2009)
    If you want to become a Fitness Model or want to compete as a Bodybuilder come to the next FAME BRITAIN Championships and you could be the next BIG name in the Fitness industry!
    For those athletes that want to step on stage but don't know how to pose we hold FAME CAMPS (fitness seminars) to teach you everything you need to know about competing. Contact Angie Weston for more info.

    If you would like to take part in the 2010 FAME World Championships in Canada and the FAME American Championships in Miami, you will have to compete in the FAME UK 2010 first.
    Many thanks to all the staff and sponsors at the show and a BIG THANKS to FAME Pro Audrey Kaipio for being the best host ever!!

    Proud FAME UK sponsors:
    Muscle& Fitness magazine-
    Better Bodies Clothing-
    Extreme Nutrition- FAME-

    Here are the results....
    1st. Claire Harper
    2nd. Hollie G Wallcot
    3rd. Yvette Shaw

    FEMALE Fitness Model :
    1st. Eleni Plakitsi
    2nd. Mechell Grey
    3rd. Claire Harper

    Male Natural Bodybuilding:
    1st.Helle Strebl
    2nd.Lazaro Almenares
    3rd.Ryan John-Baptise

    MALEFitness Model:
    1st. Ryan John-Baptise
    2nd. Mehmet Edip
    3rd. Adam Stansbury

    1st. Mechell Grey
    2nd. Eleni Plakitsi
    3rd. Hollie G Walcott

    MALE Muscle model:
    1st. Helle Strebl
    2nd. Lazaro Almenares
    3rd. Ryan John-Baptise

    FEMALE Muscle model:
    1st. Yvette Shaw
    2nd. Paulette Sybliss
    3rd. Aleksandra Madej

    1st. Donna Colins
    2nd. Aleksandra Madej

    1st. Clair Harper
    2nd. Hollie G
    3rd. Yvette Shaw

    Masters Female:
    Janet J Darby

    Many thanks to the Judges:
    Simon Howard, Irina Cotton & Angie Weston
    For details on the next FAME BRITAIN Championships or FAME CAMPS contact:
    Angie Weston:
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