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    Smile Jasons Keto Log "Love Keto"

    Hi im Jason im 19 yrs old and i was 194.3 lbs at my heaviest and im 6 ft 1.5 in. i know thats not that big but much bigger than i ever have been i was sick of it. so i read a lot of this website and tried cuttting down on carbs and fat and a few things nothing worked well it might have but it wasnt easy to follow which is the hardest part of any cut.
    so as of this morning i was down to 188.0 lbs. i started last tuesday and even had a carb up this weekend not intentionally lol. so i will post what i ate yesterday cuz i dont remeber any farther back except my unintentional cake and pizza carbup lol.

    8:30am 2 emergen-C packets with water 10g carbs have too lol
    2 whole eggs cooked with .5 tblspn of olive oil
    1 tblspn of peanut butter
    12:00pm 1 can of chicken pre cooked with 1 tblspn of oliveoil and worchestershire sauce
    1 cup Broccoli
    4:00pm 1 scoop of body fortress whey (has creatine in it)
    6:00pm 4 oz cod
    1/4 cup of walnuts
    8:30pm 1 cheese strip
    2tblspn peanut butter
    1 beef stick
    kcal about 1800 fat about 100g carb 25g protein 170g
    not the greatest but seems to be working

    workout yesterday all 4-6 reps
    3 set of squat
    3 set of romanian deadlift
    2 set of lunges
    3 set of sitting calf raise
    2 set of standing calf raise
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