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    How hard will it be to make commission from this PT job?

    For a friend, I can't really comment as I don't have much experience in the sales field of PT.

    He's been offered a 'Personal Training' role in Abu Dhabi. Home of the richest parts of the world where people go for money but he's been offered a flat salary of 3000AED (£700 GBP, or around $850) not quite the amount you'd expect.

    Uncapped commission at 25% of all Personal training, Personal Training Prices start from 270aed for individual sessions with packages of 6=1500 (£335) 12=2800 (£626) 24=5300 (£1186) 36=7400 (£1700)

    Ensuite apartment all paid for (shared with one other), all food paid for, transport paid for as well as electricity and water. However, things like wifi seem to be a minimum of £60 a month. So essentially he has $800 disposable cash each month minimum.

    The company have said the previous PT's there were taking home $2400 per month with this commission.

    I can't tell if the company is telling the whole truth here because it's a hotel gym, outside members are allowed (PT costs go up by %25) and the member rate is around 100 people.. You'd struggle to make $2400 in a commercial gym with 5000 members. But then again, there's only two PT's in this gym. Obviously people come and go but trying to make sense of it all. Not sure who would spend £1700 on a package.

    He says it's not so much about the money but the chance to work away. Other people have said this is the same wage as a taxi driver and to avoid at all costs. So I guess it all comes down to how accurate the commission is.

    From my experience hotel gyms are very rarely busy. Most people are there on holiday for a quick workout.
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