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    Angry Figure Modeling Pose HELP!!!! 3 weeks out

    I need Help! I am 3 weeks out and I have had a horrible time posing because after $1,400 later, I am still doing my posing wrong. I am so discouraged!!! I was told to view videos of Figure posing. My coaches assistant fails to provide me with information about my contest and I am treated very different than the other 2 girls. I was told to view figure posing mandatory and model. I took 3 videos and she tells me"You look great I see so much improvement" When I see her in person on my lunch hour for 30 minutes, I basically get 10 minutes of her time to find out I am doing it all wrong. In fact I am up to 40 minutes of cardio 5 days a weeks and then 25 extra 5 days a week at night too. NO LIFE! When I checked in last week after her message that I have improved, she said I have 2 poses and I am doing them wrong. SHE REALLY SUCKS! Like I am 3 weeks and you can't show me how???????????????? I paid $1,400!

    So now since I am done complaining, My question is this:

    For the model pose if I come in from the left as you see in my picture below, this is my modeling pose, how do I turrn to do my back pose? I can do it when I come in on the left then it's easy to pivot to my back pose. I have googled individual and model posing. Thank you for any input.
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    OMG, doesn't sound much of a coach to me!

    These two clips should give you a good indication:
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