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    Amino-activ- does it work?

    I got a free sample of this stuff called Amino-Activ. It's suppossed to help you with recovery, stop the aches and pains. It's marketed for both joint and muscle pain.

    Anyone tried it? Does it work?
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    Amino-activ- does it work?

    i have not personally tried it, but my friend who is a massage therapist and former college athlete said she has had great results with this product. She has had multiple knee surgeries and states that the product helps with daily pain. also she has had patients using the product who have reported great results. i am placing an order for myself this week, will report back.
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    AminoActiv vs NSAIDS

    I've been using AminoActv for the past month. I ordered up two more 180 count bottles yesterday.

    It is a very subtle anti-inflammatory. I was taking Ibuprofen three times a day. Now I take AminoActiv twice a day. I try to time my second dose to coincide with my Creatine as part of my pre-workout routine. The Idea is to get a jump on the inflammation associated with my workout.

    Over the past month I have noticed that most of my post-workout soreness is gone or barely noticeable. This led me to research more. I had no Idea that the NSAIDS I had been taking actually was retarding my recovery after strenuous workouts. Tendon and muscle repair occur at a faster pace if you can avoid the NSAIDS
    I stumbled onto this product totally by accident. I was researching another product that was developed at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (Con-Cret) when I found information on this product. I figured it was worth a shot.

    Ibuprofen, while tolerable, did irritate my stomach a bit. Kiss that goodbye. It is a worthwhile investment in my book.
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