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    Smile Saku reviews the MAN Stack.

    The MAN Stack

    What are the benefits of Using The Androgenic Trigger PRIMAL-MALE?
    ? Helps to support production of testosterone, aids HPTA recovery
    ? Increase overall testosterone levels - highly anabolic effect on both physical and mental processes, increases amount of free testosterone, increases lean muscle mass, strength and vigor.
    ? Decreases Estrogen and Metabolites - works as mild aromatase inhibitor, channels estrogen metabolites toward healthier byproducts.
    ? Increased stamina
    ? Performance Enhancement - promotes energy, reduces post-exercise free radical formation, assists with endurance and overall health, enhances the bodies recovery process
    ? 100% Prohormone Free

    Product Highlights:
    ? Contains 300 mg of R-ALA per serving
    ? Stimulates The Release of Pituitary Peptide Hormones, LH and GH!
    ? Supports an Anabolic Environment
    ? Improves Insulin Response and Sensitivity
    ? Prevents Free Radical Damage
    ? Modulates Nitric Oxide
    ? Increases Muscle Fullness

    Why Orotine Over Other Forms Of Creatine?
    ? Contains 2 scientifically proven performance enhancing ingredients in one compound; Creatine and Orotic Acid!
    ? Higher energy complex providing greater endurance and contractile force.
    ? Contains Patented CreaTate? (Tricreatine Orotate ) US Patent No. 6,838,562 B
    ? Boosts muscle phosphocreatine more effectively by providing creatine as well as Orotic Acid which increases muscle Uridine levels. Elevation of intramuscular Uridine levels increase muscle phosphocreatine and creatine levels 38% and 3%, respectively.
    ? The only form of creatine that can boost muscle carnosine concentrations.
    ? Great for sprinting.
    ? Stacks well with Bodyoctane?
    ? The King Of Creatines!?

    All MAN products can be found here:

    Ok, well first off let me say I have always been a fan of MAN since I first tried Bodyoctane over a year ago. Even knowing Canadian Customs would confiscate BO because it contains L-Carnitine I heard great reviews and I had to give it a go. Lucky for me Customs did not find it. Since this is not a review in BO, I won?t get into any detail other than I loved it and order it again.

    Thank you, MAN Sports for letting me participate in the MAN Challenge 2008 contest. I was extremely honored to have been chosen.

    As I said I have always like MAN, however their prices are what kept me from trying out the entire MAN line. But with money out of the question for this log (it was sponsored) I was able to give a great MAN stack a go.

    Primal Male, Blue Print, Orotine.

    It is hard to determine which product did what or it was a synergy from two or all three supps, but I will try to break it down the best I can.

    Primal Male, this was by far my favorite of the stack. From about 4-6 days into it noticed some acne on my face and back which stayed for about two weeks then cleared up pretty well stayed under control for the rest of the three months. I have noticed better deeper sleeps since day one and as one would expect with deeper sleep more energy during the day. Muscle pumps were definitely up as well as muscle fullness. I found I looked much fuller through out the day, as well as having much harder muscles all around. Most days I had a great sense of well being and just wanted to tear through the gym. However once it got to exam time, I seemed to have lost some of that drive.

    Stamina in the gym seemed to increase, I had to cut down my normal workout time of roughly 90 mins to about 60 because I decided to workout before school. With the help of Pete Ciccone we managed to figure if I really pushed myself and took very little rests I could do it. This is a very taxing workout and I definitely noticed an increase in stamina with PM and BP.

    Intensity in the gym was also a great plus from this stack. As stated above, I really cut down the rest period in between sets. I was able to really give it my all for each and every set.

    I didn?t do much cardio except for playing roller hockey and doing some sprints in the park once a week therefore I can?t give very insightful comments on the effect this stack has on cardio. I can say however that during my sprints I seemed to be able to recover quicker. I normally sprint 100m walk back and immediately sprint again for a total of five sets. I am still fairly out of breath but I just push through it, but now I?m quite ready to go again, not shortness of breath on the next set. Now I know that is just a natural effect of continually training will give you so I can not give all the credit to the MAN stack.

    Orotine is a great creatine product with Orotic Acid. I did not get any bloating or undesirable side effects. I have been on Beta Alanine for many weeks prior to starting this log and I feel that my carnosine levels had already maxed out therefore the Orotic Acid was just helping maintain my muscle carnosine concentrations.

    Strength 9/10
    Stamina 9/10
    Muscle Fullness 8.5/10
    Vascularity 8/10
    Pump 7.5/10
    Price-Primal Male- A decent price for a product that works. 9/10
    -Blue Print- A tad expensive for me seeing you only get 20 days out of a bottle. 5/10
    - Orotine- 8/10

    To check out my log go here:

    Thanks again to MAN Sports and crew for allowing me to log these wonderful products and helping me achieve my goals
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