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    tightness in achilles/tendons in area, what should I do?

    so, since last tuesday, sort of out of the blue, the outer side of my right ankle (as in the ball of the ankle, or the area between that and the achilles) started hurting - not when standing or general walking, but on certain movements (on climbing stairs/running). I thought it was just a minor sprain or DOMS and I did my usual 30min run that night, the first couple of minutes hurt a bit but after that the pain kinda went away and I finished the run decently, and after that the area behind my ankles burned a little more than the usual burn after a run. But...I woke up the next morning and it was like my achilles tendons were frozen stiff (both left and right) though throughout the day they gave and I could walk normally (though there was pain when I climbed stairs on the same spot on my right ankle as before, and my left achilles (as in right where the heel and the achilles tendon meet) started hurting (nothing huge or anything, like, a minute burn) whenever I climbed the stairs etc. Next morning - still the same soreness, but it was quite a bit better than the day before so I decided to do the run (bad idea). same deal, pain went away after a few minutes and i completed the run without problems - but the 'burn' on the left achilles was still there throughout (again, it didn't interfere with the running in any way, nor get worse, after a few minutes of walking/any activity it just shows up), next morning, achilles tightened up again. I took the next day off and since then i've just been doing 1hr of walking without aggravating the muscles (when I'm walking there's no pain, occasionally i'll take a big step and my achilles will be grumpy, but otherwise nothing, and afterward there's that constant yet very light burn, but not as bad as if I ran)
    it SEEMS they're getting better, but I don't know if i'm just getting used to it, but my achilles are still tight when I wake up in the morning and it takes me a few minutes to get used to it. there's really no pain when walking/climbing stairs anymore (but there is stiffness of the tendons evident in the latter) and I don't want to run to find out! (i'm guessing it'll just make it worse)

    it's nothing I feel that interferes with my running, and it doesn't seem to be getting worse at all (or better, for that matter) but I don't want to risk it and start running! (no matter how badly I want to) any ideas on what I'm looking at? I'm thinking of sticking to the 1hr walking for now, but I really hope it doesn't escalate to something serious and recovers in the next month or so because I have way too many plans for the summer that involve being light on my feet


    EDIT: uh, I realize it's a bit of text, just wrote it in case people ask for specifics, but to get to the gist of it, right now -

    If I take the day off - tight achilles(both) in the mornings -> gets better throughout the day, no pain walking around normally

    If I go for a long walk - extremely slight burn develops on left ankle (where achilles and heel meet at the back) after constant walking for over 10 minutes (I finish the walk up to an hour), after workout both ankles burn in that same manner, burn persists until I go to sleep pretty much. achilles still tight in the morning

    If I run (stopped doing this) - a worse (but not so bad that it hinders movement) burn develops if i'm running and persists until sleep, I think its the same as walking but the muscle wear from the running makes it worse. achilles still tight in the morning

    it's not getting worse, just persisting - but I want it to get better, but maintain activity throughout without being on a chair most of the day
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    That sounds like achilles tendonitis- stiffness in the achilles in the morning and difficulty getting up stairs or hills, from overuse.

    Treatment- ibuprofen, rest and ice, wearing a heel pad to raise the heel and take the strain of the achilles, sports massage (maybe see a physio)
    Hope that helps!
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