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    Squats after Hip Replacement.

    Here?s the scenario?.

    1994 I was 24, 5' 11", 185lbs and 10% - 12% bodyfat

    1995 I completely blew my knee out. After that I stopped karate, lifting, motocross, skiing, etc. Between then and 1997 weight stayed the same but bodyfat probably jumped to 17%-18%.

    1997 my hip went to heck and I started grinding away an inch of bone each year until I had a total replacement in 2001. I really didn't participate in any physical activity from 1997 to 2008. I did my post surgery exercise but that was about it. I was fully recovered in 6 months or less.

    Spring of 2008 I'm 38 210 and about 30% body fat. No good!!! Time for a change.

    My diet didn't need much of a change as I generally eat clean. Less beer and more protein was about it. I stared back on the weights just doing Rippetoe's novice barbell program plus ab work three days a week with two days of cardio. My goal was to get my bench and squat back up around 200 and my deadlift up over 300. I figured I'd readjust my goals after that point.

    Progress so far has been interesting. I'm down to 198 and 24% bodyfat after just 4 weeks of work. I spotted my abs for the first time in years, my triceps and deltoids popped up out of nowhere, and I can actually count all the muscles in my legs.

    Here's the problem?

    I'm starting to get some pain in my hip. It's not too bad but I can feel my other leg starting to compensate for the weak hip. I also caught my knee starting to dive in and my hip twisting. So? Squats are off the program until I figure out what's going on.

    I went from only squatting 120 to 145 in four weeks so I'm not piling the weight on too fast. I squat deep enough to crush walnuts between my caves and hamstrings and believe I have pretty good form.

    Has anyone else out there had a hip replacement and similar experience? I'm hoping a rest will be all I need but I'm wondering if I should stop going so deep or stop shooting for 200lbs?

    If anyone can share their experience it would be appreciated!
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