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    Unhappy Are lentils poisonous if not cooked long enough??

    I have been eating lentils (the grey ones) for a few months now. The first time I made them I soaked them in water and then cooked them for 40 minutes as the instructions on the lable suggested and the lentils were totally soft. Way too soft. So from then on I did not soak them before and instead just cooked them for 10-15 minutes and then simply put them in a blender. This way they were still a bit firm but I thought that this is okay. I also thought that lentils do not contain any dangerous substances which some sorts of beans and sprouts contain but now I read that you have to soak lentils and cook them at least 30 minutes before eating them because of the poisonous substances! Now I'm really worried of course. What shall I do now? What if I have been eating poison all the time?
    I only did this because I thought that lentils are healthy but maybe all this healthy stuff is rather dangerous than good for me and by making a mistake I might cause much more harm than good.

    I also thought about getting into sprouting but now I'm too scared to do this because with sprouts it's the same problem. Some of them also contain poisonous substances which make your blood clot.
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