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    Ultra Force & Muscle Extreme

    Hey Guys, i saw these supplement's advertised on the side of the facebook page and they look pretty tempting to use but not sure if it may be worth it. So i was wondering if anyone here has tried it and seen any results or side effects? Thanks.
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    Hey bud,

    Did you ever try those two products? Please let me know. I wanted to see if they really work.

    Thank you,
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    Thumbs down Ultra Force might and Muscle Extreme

    Well I fell for it and bought the two. I was thinking that this was too good to be true and I should have listened to my gut. I ordered them and was looking on the internet as for when to take them. I kept coming across webpage after webpage saying that it was a scam and to read the first few paragraphs of the Terms and Conditions. So I did and after ten days they charge your account $75 per bottle. I also read on those webpages that the products were not that great
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