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  • Chance upon this yt video by Jeremy Ethier title...

    Chance upon this yt video by Jeremy Ethier title : The Perfect Push-Up To Build Muscle (AVOID THESE MISTAKES!)

    Tried it and definitely feel like I am engaging my upper muscles though I still can't...
  • I am trying to achieve a physique like Caroline...

    I am trying to achieve a physique like Caroline Girvan. I believe I have been undereating since teenage years and never grown fat before. Was doing alot of cardio when I was younger as I was involved...
  • How does push up train your chest muscle ?

    I always have trouble pushing myself off the ground plank style and end up pushing my half upper body up first followed by the second half of my body. I don't feel any upper chest muscle activated,...
  • What is the first step for an underweight woman in her 40s to take for building mass?

    Sorry duplicate thread.
  • Snacks for gaining weight for busy office ppl

    Hi, recently started serious in weight lifting.

    I workout every morning before I go work. I am a female who works in office from 9 to 6 pm. I hardly have time to exercise as I have other...
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    Woman in her 40s workout journal

    Hi, I am beginning a serious strength building and muscle building regime.

    20 Squats
    1 min Wall Sit
    2 kg dumbell for biceps 10 reps x 2 sets

    Is this ok for a total beginner ?
  • Muscle building or strength training or both for thin person over 40 years old ?

    Hi, I am in my 40s. Thin since young and did alot of cardio when I was young. Now I am underweight and super thin. At my age, I believe I have to focus more on strength and to bulk up as I read...
  • Any sample weight gain diet menu to share ?

    I am a woman standing at 160 cm. I am underweight of 43 kg. I need a weight gain diet plan but have no idea where to start. Is there any sample menu I can look at ? I don't need general advice such...
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    How do I bulk up if I look like this ?

    I am thinking of taking up powerlifting but I look like this. What is it I am severely lacking in ? I eat nuts, poultry, fruits and veg but I still can't seem to bulk up.
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    You are Anorexic ! Seek a doc help or else you...

    You are Anorexic ! Seek a doc help or else you are harming your organs !

    I cant even survive on a 2000 calorie diet intake, let alone a tiny 500 calorie !
  • Feeling unwell in my stomach after trying to consume

    1000 kcal at breakfast time. I consumed the following : 3 scrambled eggs , a small can of sardine and 4 wholemeal wraps but i was feeling so full halfway through and only strictly managed to finish 2...
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