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  • A very charismatic average guy is more attractive to women than a quiet Giga Chad

    It's true

    "He's very good looking, but boring" is what chicks would say about introvert Giga Chad
  • Am I wrong in not believing a human's life is worth millions?

    Sometimes in the new there's a story about some guy dying and his family sues for tens of millions and gets it

    It's usually a guy who was just average if not below average

    I'm always thinking,...
  • Was there ever a man who was unmoggable in his prime?

    prime Brad Pitt?
  • Female Miscers: Are you actually impressed if a guy has a big dink?

    Or is it like height where guys make a big deal about it and overstate its importance

    But for women as long as a guy's height is "enough" (around 6'0") then you're not that impressed if he's taller
  • Contrary to popular belief, I've noticed almost all very successful men are...

    actually nice and pleasant

    But for some reason their wives have major attitude and are stuck up

    They act as if they're on the same level as their husbands and have achieved as much just because...
  • How do you feel knowing you'll never be top tier successful?

    By that I mean you'll never be a Giga Chad Super Bowl winning QB, Tom Brady style

    You'll never be an A-list actor, Brad Pitt style

    You'll never be a rockstar who sells out stadiums

    At most...
  • Been getting respect by starting my sentences with "I do say old chap..."

    Works in any situation and endears you to old school charisma and authority

    Some of the ones I've used just today:

    "I do say old chap, your mask is supposed to cover your nose too"

    "I do say...
  • Passive-aggressively put a debt collector in his place

    The agency emails or calls me almost daily about several debts that are years old that they bought from another debt collection agency

    Replied today with "Hey I didn't notice all your emails until...
  • There's not much difference between being average or rich when you're 60 and older

    By average I mean comfortably middle class with all your needs taken care, including healthcare, and some extra left over to enjoy

    I don't mean poor

    By 60 and older there's not much difference...
  • Did you know you can look up how they do the most amazing magic tricks/illusions?

    Once you learn how they're done it's not that impressive anymore

    Most of them are actually quite basic even though they appear awesome

    It's like a microcosm for all things that appear awesome...
  • Why do homeownercels get so emotionally defensive if you don't agree with them?

    Like I couldn't care less if someone else rents or not

    When a lease is up you can renew or move on to somewhere else, no strings attached

    But homeownercels write novels defending why they...
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    LOL at homeowners srs
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    Being a homeowner (pic)
  • As you got older did you find yourself caring less? srs

    37 now and don't understand guys my age and older who are out there still grinding it out

    There are guys in their 50's with as much motivation, ambition, and idealism that they had in their 20's...
  • People not returning to work even for more pay

    Are people finally realizing that working is overrated?

    I sure did about a decade ago and haven't returned since
  • Isn't it weird that there's probably a lot of dead miscers?

    Maybe even miscers who replied to you in threads or you replied to them

    They just stopped posting one day and after a while everyone forgot about them
  • How do people work 40 hours/week, 5 days/week, for 30+ years?

    Some even work more hours per week than that

    I just can't fathom it

    Even if it's your own business you're still working

    Most of your life spent working

    Do they just zone out and go on...
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