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  • Best eating habits questions, I mean habits about how to eat.

    It may sound absurd, but I am starting to see eating properly and knowing how to eat properly as the same as exersising properly.

    I have some questions related to proper eating habits on how to...
  • What will be the psychological effect of eating foods that you don't find tasty ?

    I have a belief that every person has their own likes and dislikes when it comes to their favourite taste.

    I am talking about foods that are not bland but filled with diffierent spices, but you...
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    Exersise myths ?

    What are some of the exersise myths and Exersise broscience I should be beware about ?

    I am learning to exersise. It will be a great help to stay aware of some of the exersise myths first.
  • In bodybuilding, is nutrition more important then exersise?

    I remember reading in a book that, when it comes to bodybuilding nutrition is 70% and exersise is 30%. So I have been obssed with diet lot more then paying attention to learning proper forms of...
  • Is eating four whole fried eggs a day safe for most people ?

    I hold a bit of fear when it comes to eating eggs and meat, at the same time my body craves meat and egg. The fear is a result of early education. So my question is how many whole eggs are safe to...
  • What does it mean by "it is your ability to change your diet in response to result" ?

    I was reading the stickies for newbies. While reading this sticky ( Nutrition For Newbies & Must Read Threads), I read the thread, ( All your questions answered in a single post!).

  • Do you guys use chili pepper and spices when cooking your food for diet ?

    I am creating my diet. I am worried about the use of spices and salt. I read in few online articles that salt and spices should not be used in cooking.

    Is it okay to use red chili and spices...
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