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  • any review for "Beast Sports Nutrition Super Test Maximum"

    hey everyone, just wanted to know if anyone used this product ?
    any good results with this ??
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    Has anyone used MYODROX or MYODROL ??

    A friend recommended me myodrox and told me its results are wow and I have earlier heard about myodrol. so wanted to know if anyone have used any of these ??
    results ?? side effects ??

    is this...
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    bro, ask one by one, that will get u replies

    bro, ask one by one, that will get u replies
  • twice a week will not give much results in a...

    twice a week will not give much results in a month as u are just a starter but u will see some.
    keep diet same and see the results coz in starting, basic diet will also give results, try...
  • pain in finger joints due to powerlifting

    Hello everyone,
    I am experiencing alot of pain in my finger joints, middle joint n base, and all this is due to powerlifting. it is so much that I cant even lift 100kg normally and even in bench...
  • ADVICE ON PREWORKUT, is psychotic good after hyde ?

    Hello, I need some help with chooing new pre. I have finished my Hyde nitrox recently and now wanted to try psychotic hellboy.

    Will it give me any kick or not ??
    the caffeine content is less than...
  • finaflex stimul8 is extreme bad with extreme fake reviews

    hello everyone,
    recently came across this pre-wo finaflex stimul8 and researched about it and everyone on internet is like this is insane, your heart will pop out if u take more than 1 scoop and...
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    so u mean that I shouldn't do my 1rm in every...

    so u mean that I shouldn't do my 1rm in every workout ??
    my thinking is that doing it repeatedly will make me strong to bypass that point

    then after how much time should I do my 1rm and normally...
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    warmup to 1RM, am I doing it right

    I want to know if m doing my warmups right or m stealing my 1rm strength

    here is a sample,
    my max deadlift is 180 kg and I reach that like this
    first 80kg warmup 4-5 reps
    then 110kg 2 reps...
  • is bcaa and glutamine worth the money ??

    i have read at a lot of places that they are a waste of money but wanted some opinion of some experienced persons. Do they do any good to recovery ??
    like bcaa can be replaced with citrulline, I...
  • workout plan for lil experienced lifter, suggest plz

    hello, I am 32 and lifting from last 9 yrs (not continuously) and I am good with my lifts with squat 160kg, bench 130kg n gaining, deadlift 180kg
    at the moment m just simply doing one body part a...
  • thank you for confirmation :)

    thank you for confirmation :)
  • Universal Animal Whey Brownie Batter has some small choco balls type

    hello .. recently bought Universal Nutrition Animal Whey, Brownie Batter from here and used it today .. after drinking all i opened the shaker n found some liquid and few small round dark colored...
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    can i use DHEA ?? 31 male.

    hello, i bought ultimate dhea 50mg capsules, but the bottle has written that person below 35 should not use it .. so should i or not ??
    been working out from last 8 yrs(not reularly) but from last 2...
  • fat loss for 46yrs male.. not working out

    hello .. my frnd today asked me that he wants to give fat burner to his dad ... his dad is fat and dont workout .. will fat burner work for him ??
    any other suggestion ??? he is thinking of getting...
  • ArA in x-factor and x-factor advaced.. which got more

    x-factor got 250mg written on it but x-factor advanced doesnt have clear that how much ara it got .. does anyone know how much it is .. coz wanted to buy a supp with ara but x-factor advanced got...
  • my age is 31

    my age is 31
  • are u talking about Arachidonic Acid .. this is...

    are u talking about Arachidonic Acid .. this is what i found from google on ArA
  • thanks for the great advice .. one more thing .....

    thanks for the great advice .. one more thing .. are test boosters and gh boosters same ... shouldnt i go for gh booster if they arent same thing ...
    been taking test boosters so might b my test...
  • what to use now for muscle growth.. expert advice needed

    hello .. i have been working out from last 7-8 yrs and have progressed really well .. m 78 kg and can bench 130kg, squat 160kg, dead lift 170kg ... from last 1 year been trying different test...
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