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**MG5's Workout Journal**

Here I will be recording all of my workouts. What exercises I did with what weight and how many reps. It'll be a good way to see progress and I'm hoping others will find it interesting to follow. I know this isn't a supplement log but if I begin a new supplement and I notice certain effects then I...

MG5‎, 06-07-2011 04:56 PM
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Advice for twice weekly workout

Hi guys been on the workouts for about 3 years now. Initially used to do push, pull, legs 6 days a week. Recently had to adapt to doing just 2 sessions a week and have been doing 2 full body workouts. Including Squats, bench press, pulldowns and then some accessory work. I am finding these...

Curtis611‎, Today 11:57 AM
Last Post: Today 01:15 PM
by EliKoehn  Go to last post
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Will you get vaccinated?

Just for sh!ts and giggles lets say a vaccine for covid is available early next month. Will you be rolling up your sleeve or turning the other cheek? I won't be first in line to say jab me with a rushed vaccine, besides if all you fukers get it I shouldn't have too. Until then I will...

mtpockets‎, 11-23-2020 01:33 PM
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2020 Part 6: preworkouts & forums

Cases of BANG Crisp Apple ;) I love this new flavor. Another year more L&L Cookies :D this time with Salted Caramel

Rob1882‎, 03-06-2020 01:32 PM
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>35 10 year challenge thread.

Drop your pics in here. Before the douchy comments come in. Left pic was pre-trt and lifetime natty. Actually had 12 year old girl test levels and did not know it. Amazing I could make such a strong danger face with such low test levels ;)

induced_drag‎, 01-15-2022 11:21 AM
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Juicing ?

WHAT THE **** is juicing ?

Romeo0349‎, 08-05-2002 09:29 AM
Last Post: Today 12:59 PM
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Analyzing/evaluating myself

This is pretty long so I don't expect most to read it, but I guess it is therapeutic for me. Late last nigh Cass and I were texting each other and I was telling her how I feel kind of numb and missing the fighting, not the violence of it, but the physical aspect of it and the releasing of the...

bodyhard‎, Today 08:55 AM
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Good tasting pepper spray?

I usually get the olive oil spray at Trader Joes for convenience, as well as some of the flavor sprays for convenience. But the pepper spray I bought tastes awful and makes my eyes water uncontrollably. I was wondering if anyone knew any that tasted better?

desslok‎, Today 10:16 AM
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Exclamation Testers Needed! - Feel Good Juice Energy Drink

Hello Everyone, Did you know that according to the Cornell Medical Center, 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated? Some of the symptoms include sleepiness, lack of energy, and irritability. Many people often chalk these symptoms up to not getting enough sleep or overall fatigue. Well, Feel...

blakelishka‎, Today 11:39 AM
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Gym with social anxiety

Hi everyone I wanted to ask if anyone has an experience similar to mine, and if so - how you guys deal with it? I suffer from social anxiety & ASD that can get quit debilitating, and one of the things that I struggle with is going to the gym. Of course there are lots of people in the gym, and I...

metevido‎, Yesterday 11:07 PM
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Has the OHP gone to the wayside?

In the ever-oscillating ebb and flow of lifting trends, the popularity of certain exercises and practices waxes and wanes routinely, and this neither surprises nor bothers me. However, I'm not able to get an obvious read on that as it pertains to the OHP. To those of you who have been involved...

EliKoehn‎, Today 11:45 AM
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F5 upper/lower split

Home gym setup. Rogue RM3. To sum things up. The blue print was fierce 5 intermediate upper lower to the inter/advanced lulpp, to a phat style heavy/light to full blown specialization cycles.

TAWS6‎, 11-25-2019 12:52 PM
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EthanHun's Journey To 405 Bench Press

Suuhhhhh Dudes This will be my log as I work towards my all time life goal of bench pressing 405 (4 plates) bench press. My best life was 365 lbs I didn't record it and honestly don't remember it- Sniffed to much ammonia. My form was probably messed up. Anyways. I'v hit and recorded a 350lb...

EthanHun‎, 09-15-2018 06:41 PM
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calishtenics push workout

all i have is dumbbells and my body, i was going to the gym before and have some experience, also build some muscle. so what do you think of this push workout(chest, triceps, shoulders) warm up: 3 sets of regular pushups (last set is abosulety max) after warmup: incline pushups 3 sets...

szymo05‎, Today 10:31 AM
Last Post: Today 12:16 PM
by hadi2007  Go to last post
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Vince Gironda nutritional tip of the day XVI

If you don't eat your meat, you can't have any pudding. How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?

paulinkansas‎, Today 08:36 AM
Last Post: Today 12:13 PM
by EliKoehn  Go to last post
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New Gym Security - You have to be kidding me

So my gym hired new gym security folks where they walk around enforcing the mask mandate and cleaning of equipment. I have no problem with that, however this mo-fo stopped me in the middle of my squat set and I mean while I was doing my reps, to tell me to put my mask on and he physically...

bodyhard‎, 01-13-2022 10:47 AM
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So I don't really like many men in general

Anyone else share my sentiments? I mean not ALL men, but a good amount of them I don't like. From my experience men are more violent, less sensitive, let their hormones take over most of them time, leading them to make bad decision and very often don't view you as equal. Yes good men exist, and...

leilamoon94‎, 01-22-2019 04:55 PM
Last Post: Today 11:53 AM
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Losing fat

Ive been bulking properly at least for a little over a month now and I have noticed I am leaner then I was before but I am heavier is it true when u start out bulking some fat will be lost? My bodyfat is right now 17 percent it was around 19 percent 3 months ago despite the fact I am eating in a...

hadi2007‎, Today 10:24 AM
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Losing Fat

Exclamation I am affraid to show my Muscle . I Always wear loose clothes !

i was so fat in the past but my body is so good now.( workout about 10 year natural) but i am affraid to show my body in front of people . i feel that people will steal my body from me .(funny but i am scared) . i Always wear loose clothes . when people compliment my body , i get affraid...

tylerdurdenn‎, Today 10:41 AM
Last Post: Today 11:41 AM
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Markyg`s log

Starting this journal to mark progress and gains. Been training for around 18months now and put on around 28lbs...mostly muscle but obviously some fat as well. Will be weighing myself before I start but somewhere in the region of 210lbs I would guess with around 25% bodyfat. Main goal for the...

markyg‎, 06-24-2008 06:16 AM
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