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Just fkn lol @ beater car-cels

Imagining driving a POS car because its "cheap". Yeah, its cheap for a reason. - more likely to git pulled over - no respek - car looks like chit - mechanical/engine problems up the wazoo - looks like an immigrant/illegal trying to get by - bum like mentality

theory816‎, Today 09:04 PM
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Question Anybody Else Don't Have Any Tattoos? (Srs)


Getter_done‎, Today 01:29 PM
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Do you find autistic people annoying?

To preface, I'm not attacking the neurodivergent with a blanket generalization. I know they're capable of phenomenal achievements and are often lovely people. But sometimes they are extremely annoying. I know two people who have confided they are on the spectrum. One is a girl/tranny I know...

Bodhy‎, Today 09:53 PM
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Question Is this self defense?

I know some places you have a duty to retreat and other you can stand your ground..

baroni01‎, Today 10:31 PM
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Drove 160 miles to eat at Carls Jr

Haven't had it since I left California for the last time in March 2022 and couldn't take the cravings anymore. Still don't know why tf Austin doesn't have them

LinuxJon‎, Today 07:23 PM
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Reminder: Being cheap is not a pathway to wealth. Focus on increasing your income.

Why? Because increasing your income usually takes time. It requires hard work, often study to gain qualifications, and grinding away at a career path until you’ve got enough capital together to start investing. You can’t suddenly increase your income overnight. By contrast, even if you were...

r32gojirra‎, Today 09:05 PM
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Triple H and Stephanie divorcing?

Internet wrestling news sites as well as social media is speculating that Triple H and Stephanie M. have been separated and considering divorce. It is speculation and not a shred of proof on...

kneeonbelly‎, 09-26-2023 11:01 PM
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Did you hear that misk?

Quickly becoming the most important website on the internet because of the PateRNo nsa By leaps and bounds…. How does this make you feel?

Itzblunted‎, Today 09:07 PM
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Just L O L At Iphone 15 Cels...

LuigiMiami631‎, Today 06:47 PM
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Very average sloot fumbles ENORMOUS bag (story)

This sloot who is on a tiny skank positive podcast just posted this dramatic video lol Cliffs: - Unremarkable sloot is on chit tier skank podcast, made $85k last year - For reasons I'll never understand, the heir to a BILLION dollars decides to marry this vapid sloth (his dad owns the OKC...

ErnieMccracken‎, Today 09:50 PM
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Hate texting crew

I hate texting. I hate receiving texts. I don't live on a schedule, and even being retired, I'm busy AF. brb.. text game last an hour when it could have been a 3 minute voice call. Ain't no one got time for that. Then the whole guilt trip.."sorry, didn't mean to bother you. Just...

Tuksonrider‎, Today 09:50 PM
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Ive never seen a chad with an asian women

Its always beta looking ugly white guys lol. Its so sad to see

futbolworship‎, Today 07:58 PM
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How big of a loser am I?

I lose every imaginary fight I’m in. Saw a tweet today that said “Wait, boys have imaginary scenarios that they save people?”. Boys? Hell, men do that too. (We do, right?) After reading several books on psychology, I came to this realization; men and women think so differently, we can’t even...

Kraken‎, Today 09:59 PM
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Vigilante p3dophile Hunter Killed While Confronting Teens

A Michigan vigilante who amassed thousands of social media followers with his unauthorized hunts for ****philes was shot and killed in a confrontation with two teenagers, police said. Robert Wayne Lee, 40, of Pontiac, was better known as Boopac Shakur online, where he would often pose as a...

havoc00‎, Today 02:31 PM
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People, please learn to pronounce Spanish words right. (Srs)

Getting tired of people mispronouncing Spanish words wrong. I believe we can all agree English is not the official language. Your kids will one day be the minority in this diverse country. Please learn your Spanish.

chivasregal‎, 06-28-2013 12:33 PM
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Should this be the miscer anthem?


8pieces‎, Today 09:58 PM
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Austin Lacrosse MOGGS at Folsom fair (pic)

Do you think he's natty or no? Is this the peak natty male physique?

ErnieMccracken‎, Today 10:37 PM
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Rate my late night chowder/10

Decided to make a cheesy corn, bacon and potato chowder. Haven't been around much and hope you all had a great weekend! :)

kimm4‎, Today 09:33 PM
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sdert tretretre tret 963963 sd fd fdfd dsf dsf df

brae34r‎, Today 10:34 PM
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asdsf dertetretrt rretrtr 963963 ssdfdsfds fdsfdsf dsfd

brae34r‎, Today 10:33 PM
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