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Thumbs down Danish TV show lets kids see naked adults to promote "body positivity"

source: Danish TV show that pairs kids and naked adults slammed as depraved On one TV show, the truth is actually naked. In Denmark, an award-winning television program called “Ultra Strips...

Shortfuze‎, Today 06:30 AM
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Anybody remember?

Anybody here remembers Antonino Rocca, Buddy Rogers, Johnny Valentine and the announcer Ray Morgan?

LibSuperstar‎, Yesterday 11:24 PM
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Safe Omega 3 single dose?

Like it says on the tin. I realise this is probably a stupid question, but I can't find an answer anywhere. Everything is about a safe (maximum) dosgage per day, but not in a single serving. The reason for my question is, I would prefer to take it with a meal, and I do IF, more acurately I guess...

DBone182‎, Yesterday 11:53 PM
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THE BOYS Season 2 official thread - Starlight is a 10/10 crew

Season 2 drops the first 3 episodes tomorrow (Friday 9/4) but let's get the party warmed up for the Aussiebrahs and UK palecels who get to watch this beauty before the land of the free. 3 episodes tomorrow then a new episode every Friday for an 8-ep season. Glad COVID didn't delay this...

MrBourbon‎, 09-03-2020 06:44 AM
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Girl testing me sexually

She arrived at my place, we were talking for a bit and she suddenly starts talking about how she doesn't want to do anal anymore because even on the moments it doesn't hurt, she doesn't feel any pleasure from it either. I tell her it's fine and we'll take a break from it, but she needs to know I'm...

playerofwar‎, 09-11-2020 12:09 AM
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Describe a scene from a movie poorly, misc has to guess the movie

Describe a scene from a movie poorly and misc has to guess the movie I'll start. Girl runs to see/find her parents. They are pigs.

OMGWTFBBQ?‎, 09-17-2020 06:02 PM
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If you could bring back someone back from the dead

Who would you bring back?

ChemicalBuilder‎, Today 05:10 AM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: ***** Official PS4/PS5 Discussion ***** Where The Greatest Play Edition

Last thread was getting too long. Time for a fresh start. PS5 Announced For Holiday Season 2020 Some Must Play PS4 Games

Deathstroke‎, 10-09-2019 05:31 AM
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Hands down the most GOAT/alpha carreer there ever is

Dancing bear stripper. Imagine getting paid to fuk people’s wife’s lmfao Dats the life There’s literally no other job that can surpass that in terms of alphaness besides maybe starting up a porn channel of you fukin other dudes wife’s while gettin paid for it It’s Literally higher...

gesten‎, Today 06:29 AM
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Exclamation By far the best argument against universal healthcare in the USA

Liberals: Let's have universal healthcare! Every other western nation does! Also liberals: Let's bring in millions more dirt-poor immigrants every year!!!1 We're a nation of immigrants!!!111 The intellectual elite, ladies and gentlemen............ LMFAO

chiseledmanbeef‎, Yesterday 06:39 PM
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Thumbs up Facebook being sued, watching Insta users through camera...

Suit‎, Today 04:47 AM
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She says she'd marry me tomorrow if I asked...

There's this girl that I've known for a few years, and started out as hooking up (which was great) but at the time I wasn't super uncertain about a relationship, I was weird about it. We've stayed friends, talk every so often, hung out a few times. We tried an actual date and it was really...

thadderbox‎, 09-17-2020 03:14 PM
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Poll Poll: Are you going to hell?

Just say heaven and hell does exist ignoring the petty chit like going to hell for no believing and no going to church on Sunday are you going to hell? No need to give a reason.

Brandonrhyse‎, Today 04:11 AM
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My ex girlfriend sent me this. Should I be scared?

Like, should I get a restraining order?

gizmomasta‎, Yesterday 08:47 PM
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What's the boiling point of Fluoride?

Trying to figure out the boiling point of fluoride

bannedjpg‎, Today 04:41 AM
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Interstellar is the best space movie of all time

You know I'm right. Better than Star Wars. Better than Alien. Better than 2001: A Space Odyssey

ApeXXXPredator‎, Today 06:25 AM
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Forecast/Anticipations of DOW-JONES Index Over Next 2 Weeks?

I'm out of my wheel house here and pretty anxious. I'll try to keep this tl;dr: *Closing on a house early October *Using Roth IRA stocks as my down payment, currently only have a little under $38K *Need to liquidate and sell all stocks ideally by Oct 1st *DOW has been trending downward since...

KathleenRyan‎, Yesterday 06:56 PM
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Ruth Bader Ginsburg dead at age 87

Covid got her edit: op wizard

Harry362‎, 08-31-2020 10:00 PM
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Thumbs up Not making any gains.

Hey Guys, So I have been doing F5 Full body 3x a week now for about 7 months last year and inconsistent this year due to Coronavirus. What I have noticed is that last year I was cutting and hit all my maxes. However, this year I am unable to increase much weight in my lifts even though I am...

fattofame3‎, Yesterday 10:56 PM
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Bought a BMW M2 CS...

I sold my Shelby GT350R about 6 months ago. Right after it sold, I found out I had the opportunity to work in Germany again. I wish I would've kept the Shelby because it would've been a great car for the roads here. I ordered a M2 CS and it finally arrived last week. I wanted something small,...

6-SPEED‎, 09-07-2020 10:43 AM
Last Post: Today 06:26 AM
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