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  • Wednesday: New Hamstring workout

    No Shoulder issues; Back sore but no rating

    Lyndale loop 25 mins.

    Went to gym 4.10pm. Finally got to see Paul. Had a huge conversation. Been quite a few weeks. Day made.

    Unsure what time...
  • Tuesday: Back

    Venmans faster walk: 38 mins 3.0km

    No shoulder pain today.. Abductor feeling better too.

    97.0kg... Weight going backwards this week.

    Bent Over Rows: 20kg x 25 30kgx15+

  • Monday: Shoulders with injury>> Actually can lift.

    Parkview ride: 52mins 13.5km No real leg soreness. Abductor strain still there. But rode up Lissadel In highest gear yet.. Always hard that hill.

    Not want to stay home and rest. Like to see how...
  • Sunday: Legs 185kg PR Squat for 2 reps. 180kg x 5

    Leg X all fine..Can feel abductore holding me back on singles.

    Got my area all to myself. Not feel Total War at all now.

    Squats: Barx20 20kgx20 40kgx14 deep last. 50kgx8 55kgx8

    60kgx8 belt...
  • Saturday: Arms:

    97.6kg.. getting towards 98kg but a lot of mid section fat.

    Barbell curls

    11.25kg x 12

    12.5kg x10 finally improve over 8
    2/ 1x10
  • Saturday: RPm class with FANS ON. Made huge difference

    Solid class. Seemed to go forever. Not as great as 2 weeks ago. Good attendance

    Cable Calfs broke again

    Almost 96kg:: 95.9kg.. but then 95.5kg before I left.

    Leg Press calves

  • Friday: Test workout with Shoulder damage. 25th September

    Chay ravine walk: Met two hot girls who were friendly enough to both say hello. Made my day. So pretty! 43.25 mins: 3.2km

    No reason at all.. Just my usual stuffing around went to gym super late...
  • Wednesday:Hamstrings and Calves

    Never made it out for a ride. Extremely hot day.

    Tried to go earlier: Was best people training in Leg area.

    Seated Leg curls: 54x20 75x20 89x20


    110kgx20 :D 13 reps last week
  • Tuesday: Back

    Venmans walk: distracted not fast. 40mins 3kms

    Bent over Rows: 20kgx15-20 25kgx15 30kgx15 35kgx12


    42.5kg x 9 only last rep upright.

    Skip 43.75kg
  • Sunday: Legs: Best PR's of my Life: 180kg Squats: 420kg Leg Press

    Very hot day. Plan go 4.30-6.30pm: Do ironing and having the most wonderful conversation with a real Parisian woman- Lilith. Incredible personality.

    Shop first then get to gym.

    Brave again...
  • Saturday: Arms

    Not sore from chest last night

    Preacher curls to test: 40kgx15 50kgx12 55kgx12
    60kg x 10
    62.5kg x 9

    65kg x9

    67.5kg x 9 full stretch
  • Saturday: Short 20 min RPM class. Calves and Abs

    95.9kg at start but went down to 95.5kg

    Hack Squat Calves: 60kgx25 80kgx20 100kgx20


    130kg x12 heavy

    140kg: 1x8
    2/ 1x8
  • Friday: Y3T: 18th September

    Incline Smith: Low Incline: 20kg x 50-60 then sets of 10.

    1/ 37.5kg: 1x10 1x10 1x10 no failure.

    2/ 1x10 1x10 1x10 no failure.

    3/ 1x10 1x10 1x10

    talk so much well rested. : try 40kg:
  • Wednesday:Hamstrings and Calves: Strong as hell today

    Lyndale loop plus ride up in forest see homeless camp out. Was fun. 38 mins 8km


    Seated Leg curls: 54kgx30 75x20 89x20


  • Tuesday: Back: Many PR's, Amazing day!

    Venmans walk: Very hot 39 mins 3.5km

    Bent Over Rows: 20kgx30 30kgx15 35kgx15 warm ups.


    42.5kg x 8 failure.

    3/ 43.75kg x7
  • Monday: Shoulders: 95.8kg still 1 kilo down often.

    No leg soreness.Usually Y3T cripples me more than any other leg workout.

    Viking Press: 40kg x 30 right shoulder in pain..60kgx15 hurt like hell

    65kg into it not taking this pain and smashed it....
  • Sunday: Y3T: Been 4 weeks since last one: Incredibly easy

    10th August last Y3T Leg day.

    Abductor strain in right leg. Not want a back off week.

    Shopping first. Always worthwhile!

    Fan on low in Leg room and could not fix it. So hot.. Soaked through...
  • Saturday: Arms

    Every Squat Rack being used


    Workout with Benn.

    Close grip Smith: 20kg x 50 30kgx25 40kgx15

    45kg x 12
  • Saturday: RPm and Calves

    BEST RPM CLASS; it was full and all females. We worked hard and poured sweat. Unrelenting. A proper workout :D

    Gym was full then empty after class

    Leg Press Calves:

    6 plates x 20
    7 x 20
  • Friday:Chest: PR on Incline Hammer Bench

    Chay walk and find homeless people living in creek bed with cars. Then forgot to put timer back on.

    So all I know is it was a slow time:

    7.30-8.40pm gym. No talking.

    Hammer Bench: 40kg x 70...
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