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EthanHun's Journey To 405 Bench Press

Suuhhhhh Dudes This will be my log as I work towards my all time life goal of bench pressing 405 (4 plates) bench press. My best life was 365 lbs I didn't record it and honestly don't remember it- Sniffed to much ammonia. My form was probably messed up. Anyways. I'v hit and recorded a 350lb...

EthanHun‎, 09-15-2018 05:41 PM
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Belt Squats machine: Squatmax MD or Rogue Rhino?

I'm thinking about buying one of these due to an accumulation of upper body injuries that is making low bar squatting difficult and painful at this point. Anybody tried both of these units? I tried out the Squatmax MD and thought it was amazing. Had never belt squatted before. It felt very...

buddy0329‎, Yesterday 07:09 PM
Last Post: Today 01:23 PM
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Dumbbell exercise.

dumbell exercise: *************.us/70936681328352

kuulcha‎, Today 01:21 PM
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BigDad79's Return To Power

Hey all - new to this forum, but I've been around the bodybuilding/powerlifting forums for many years. The main one I post at seems to be closing down so I'll be posting my lastest workouts here for my reference and historical purposes. Age: 38 Height: 6'2" Weight: ~250lbs BF: There's...

BigDad79‎, 12-18-2017 01:57 PM
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Smile Let be fit even at is wealth..

Exercise not only changes your body, it changes your mind, your attitude and your mood." "Exercise should be regarded as a tribute to the heart." Good things come to those who sweat. "Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt."

ORCOJADA‎, Today 01:16 PM
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'Look What I Bought Today!' - Part Deux

LWIBT Part I has been locked,, so I'm starting Part 2.

AttyGuy‎, 02-21-2017 10:30 AM
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Foods that have an undeservedly GOOD reputation...

piggybacking on Eli's thread... lets discuss foods that are highly OVER-rated in terms of their alleged health benefits. Not specific to muscle building, but things people often SAY are healthy, but really aren't when you consider the whole picture of the nutrient profile. Here are some I can...

AdamWW‎, Yesterday 02:54 PM
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Rest inbetween sets

Im just wondering if 60 seconds in between sets is enough?

lifechange99‎, Today 04:10 AM
Last Post: Today 01:14 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: AllPro: A Simple Beginner's Routine part VII

Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: Part...

nightanole‎, 11-07-2020 06:13 AM
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How do I quickly find out how much walking I can do?

I'm looking for an easy fat burn that won't interfere with muscle recovery. I heard walking is healthy and boosting said endurance is good. I thought I was fit since in a former life I used to be a cross country runner. Also, I can currently hike steep, far, and 4mph when I do so once a...

Darkius‎, Yesterday 09:16 AM
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"1930s, I miss the good old days."

Haven't gone deep into any older era before but it seems worth it.... Pls share if find/know of any good or great ones. Just found this one that sounds amazing to me....and my father was born the same year it came out. Think I like the last one best, amazing voice. ysow1wXWyvE L5xafQXg1yI ...

steffo99‎, Today 06:52 AM
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Lightbulb Calling Out Steffo

Steffo, you mentioned in an earlier thread that you suffer from anxiety or sleep issues? I'm no doctor, but I play one on the internet. I am going to be trying out L-Theanine in the AM and PM for focus, relaxing and possibly better sleep, adding it to my homemade ZMA. I have had insomnia...

Mark1T‎, 10-05-2021 12:03 PM
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How's the volume balance on this training rutine?

It is for a novice wanting to correct posture, work around some injuries, and build some muscle on a calorie deficit. Do you think each muscle group would recover if done Monday, Wednesday, Friday, on a 500 calorie deficit (0.6% body weight per week)? I'll aim for 1-2 reps short of failure,...

Darkius‎, Today 10:56 AM
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Side delts burning on overhead press

Anybody else get this?

safcpaul‎, 10-10-2021 09:36 AM
Last Post: Today 12:44 PM
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Exclamation Wide stance squats for longevity

I don’t remember where exactly, but I have read from numerous sources recently that wide stance squats are better from a longevity perspective, particularly in regards to knee health. The idea seems to stem from the belief that “Olympic” style squatting (high bar, close stance, lots of forward...

Ironface‎, Today 05:38 AM
Last Post: Today 12:31 PM
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2020 Part 6: preworkouts & forums

Cases of BANG Crisp Apple ;) I love this new flavor. Another year more L&L Cookies :D this time with Salted Caramel

Rob1882‎, 03-06-2020 12:32 PM
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Thumbs up Male testosterone booster product.

Hello my friends, Today I will talk about a product that I brought to you from a company specialized in health products, Product (Testogen) Men's Testosterone Booster - A natural male vitality supplement to combat low testosterone, fight fatigue, support weight control, increase muscle growth...

AmerMalkawi‎, Yesterday 02:41 PM
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Not progressing whatsoever with Fierce 5 as a beginner after 2-3 months.

Dear, I am becoming increasingly frustrated by working out, because for some reason I am simply not getting stronger. As adviced by an earlier post on this forum, I have stuck with the Fierce 5 routine since the end of June. I took a break halfway through because I went on vacation for 2 weeks,...

Bremster1‎, 09-11-2021 06:42 AM
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Post The New Official O35 Master Race Supremacy Snap Thread

The New Official O35 Master Race Supremacy Snap Thread Since we have a pretty good crew now, this thread will replace all of your social media, like FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and others. This thread is "anything goes." Say hello, good morning, good night, tell a story, post a...

Mark1T‎, 08-07-2020 05:34 PM
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What are the advantages of full body vs Upper/Lower?

Noobs are recommended to do full body 3 days per week and then progress to upper 3x per week and lower 3x per week on the in between days. If someone has a gym in their garage, is there any advantage to a newbie doing full body vs working 6x per week on an upper lower program? I see people...

Darkius‎, 10-15-2021 11:09 PM
Last Post: Today 11:06 AM
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