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  • Making Leg day more fun

    My motivation was the leaps and bounds in strength that happened doing legs. Yea.... there is pain( soreness), it's all part of it. My legs grew like crazy and I was told to lay off legs as they were...
  • remember the KISS principle( Keep it simple stupid)

    While I am all for "scientific " research, we forget the human body is a complete synergistic system ( a complex system of many parts) so to break things down and explain them "micro" style is a...
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    pushing is fine but what is really going on?

    It sounds to me like you are just beyond your initial growth spurt or adaption to lifting. This is normal we all have that initial response to exercise. Now that you have "hit a plateau" so to speak...
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    Poll: Favorite muscle?

    I have always like lats... that's my number 1,a great strong back with the v taper.... Followed by chest ,and then, legs the most powerful muscle in the body... I was always fascinated with how much...
  • want list for equipment?

    My gym could use more of the Hammer Strength equipment. I have used Hammer Strength machines and all their stuff is excellent
  • doing the job well

    A lot of searches aren't touched by the simple (almost useless) cleaning given by the stuff you described(Window's tools for browsing history) the CC CLeaner is real good and it is free as you can...
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    Listen to your body...

    I think you know the answer here it's just not the one you were hoping for. Sometimes when we are sick we can't go out to play....if you get my drift. SO maybe your training should be finding out...
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    it just may be....

    You say you do DL with heavy weights???To hear you talk you say you have injuries..... so don't you think maybe you are not ready for the heavy weights?? I see so many people who have little or no...
  • good for you

    Let's hear it for common sense!!!! I applaud your brains. Your body is telling you something and you are listening. Any of us who have been through this will tell you it starts out as a little...
  • a litle Ozzy

    I listen to upbeat guitar and hard driving rock to work out , Judas Priest ,Ozzy,etc
  • if what you're doing isnt working....

    You don't do a workout just because "someone said" if you are losing ground, you are overdoing something....whenever this happens you need to change it up......find out what works for your...
  • pat answers to questions

    I hate it when people offer pat answers to questions.... like this is what girls want..... it's more like "in my opinion this is what girls like".... just as too much of a gals make up is sleezy...
  • I am with you

    Totally agree pseudoscience dressed up as "the facts" they really have a conflict of interest that while they are "stating facts they are selling a product that their own company produces.
  • really they make a conflict of interest by...

    really they make a conflict of interest by pushing product while they state " scientific findings".....blatant ad
  • Agreed

    Aren't we all tired of getting pseudoscience????
  • experiences

    It's about what they mean by what they say..... guys say what they mean , women say what they are feeling.... that's my experience...... you got to learn to really communicate not just talk. You...
  • anft ( anobolic nutrient factor training

    I'd like peoples opinion on this guys article......lots of science , quals , and references......

    anabolic nutrient timing factor
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    I work out to maintain what I feel is the...

    I work out to maintain what I feel is the expression of what I feel a mans physique should be. The discipline of the lifestyle, the ability to control the health of my body with proper exercise and...
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    Now that is some seriously good advice.........

    Now that is some seriously good advice...... think he'll listen to" use less weight and let your body get into condition "? Seems like all the kids on here don't want to listen to people who have...
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    Well, what does that tell you about your...

    Well, what does that tell you about your "buddies"? I know the type they want to bench but aren't really serious about what really packs on the power. You don't get big and strong, balanced...
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