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  • Sticky: Pantera - Far Beyond Driven is my main motivator...

    Pantera - Far Beyond Driven is my main motivator when I feel like I can't push throw a set or I have low energy in the gym. It always gets me pumped. :)
  • Having trouble keeping my squat form strength

    I was watching this video by Mark Rippetoe on proper form on squatting. I've been noticing my back has been hurting lately and I wonder if this could be the cause.

    Can anyone give me some advice...
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    Does HMB work?


    I was recently reading about this product called Clear Muscle and it said it's main ingredient was HMB. I remember reading HMB really does nothing for muscle mass or fat loss.

    Does anyone...
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    Creatine with Coffee?

    I was wondering if it okay to mix my creatine in with my morning coffee. I had heard that you're supposed to mix your creatine with a starch and mixing it with caffeine could reduce absorption?...
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