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Exclamation Australia reports first ever human bird flu infection

Buckle up. It’s time.

JustiNtense‎, Today 01:05 AM
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🩷🩷🩷 New weight/gym diary 🩷🩷🩷

126.8 lbs Shoulders/chest today Lateral db raises Overhead bar press Kettlebell upright rows

Silence2‎, 02-13-2024 02:28 AM
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Thumbs up Just watched FALLOUT on PRIME

7.129/10 Not bad at all. I suggest giving it a shot if ur bored. Yes, there is a black person in it but I didn't see any gay ppl or Trans. Plus Walton Coggins is in it.

RICHSTRONG‎, 04-15-2024 03:31 PM
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What are some good psych thriller movies?

like matrix, whiplash, hannibal, fractured, gone girl, nightcrawler, etc 2000 or newer. Bonus if it also red pilled

JuicePro‎, Yesterday 06:32 PM
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Exclamation RIP - Iranian President and Foreign minister dead in helicopter crash

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un Indeed we belong to Allāh, and indeed to Him we will return ----------------------------------------------------------------- Is this a true accident? Do you think an outside entity might have participated in this?

2011change‎, 05-19-2024 10:17 PM
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Has pron gone too far?

Search for Coco Lovelock Seems like pron caters to the extreme viewers these days Nothing remotely attractive about that chit

WishIWasJawBrah‎, 05-20-2024 10:21 PM
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Poll Poll: If you could choose, which crew would you want under these conditions?

The flight is over the Atlantic Ocean At night It won't be a routine flight Something major will go wrong that will require the pilots to save the plane The captain and co-pilot of each crew all have the same number of years of experience

GMiscer‎, Yesterday 11:20 PM
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Have you actually ever met a home-schooled person IRL

I have never met one that I know of I think once someone somehow put it in a job application that I was on the selection panel for I tried really hard to push him through to the interview stage because I wanted to meet him but I couldn’t convince the other panel members Anyone met one...

r32gojirra‎, Yesterday 11:16 PM
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NoFap thread srs - Finally breaking this

Here’s my journal, it’s the first time I’ve ever posted on an internet forum about this. I’ve known about porn addiction for about seven years now, had countless streaks but never been able to get past the 90 days. Probably only had four or five streaks that have gone past a month. My longest was...

artdecade‎, 04-16-2024 02:07 PM
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RANT: R.I.P. Tyrbolift

For those with discerning tastes while they soak their toes in a nice cool pool.

chazzy1864‎, 06-23-2016 10:38 AM
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I've decided I'm only gonna retro game on my smartphone

F emulation handhelds, I was tempted to purchase another one for some reason. I felt like I was going on an endless dark path of just purchasing handhelds just for it's analog controls when everything I need is on my phone. TBH, I find touchscreen controls just fine for retro gaming. Would go as...

Kormo‎, Yesterday 08:08 PM
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😞....Struggling to Stay Motivated ....

I'm losing motivation to continue my weight loss and body definition journey. It feels like either (a) my appetite keeps decreasing or (b) I'm not motivated enough to increase my exercise. I already believed I was doing enough: I do cardio HIIT 2-3 times a week and regular cardio and yoga almost...

yola193b‎, Today 12:29 AM
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What was your Favorite Series?

I think I have to give the nod to "Downtown Abbey" for being able to manage creating a very watchable series that didn't include PORN or EXCESSIVE Violence, just a great story/show with captivating characters

theraskal‎, Yesterday 09:26 PM
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girl say she like straight penis why?

girl talk to spain girl in holiday portugal say she like straight penis why?

yakuza233‎, Yesterday 11:30 PM
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Arrow Remember when hendrixfreak70 beat a small animal to death and bragged about it?

Remember when hendrixfreak70 beat a small animal to death and bragged about it?

monster0ultra‎, Yesterday 10:40 AM
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Exclamation Car broke down (GTFIH)

2017 Lincoln continental 257k miles Oil was low and needed changing and engine locked Bought it for $3500 9 months ago Did breaks which was $400 Did water pump which was $800 Registration was $625

conics‎, Yesterday 04:37 PM
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Keep my program?

Hello everyone I've been committed to the Fierce 5 program since January but ran into some scheduling issues over the past two weeks, leading me to modify my routine to focus on one muscle group per day instead (I’m going back to the fierce 5) . Alongside this, I've maintained a caloric deficit and...

Rc200‎, Today 12:17 AM
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Losing Fat

Red face Houston woman says dude coomed on her at Dollar Tree (vid)

Public coomers stepping up their game recently lmao Cq5-SVisOsw

Manglet‎, Yesterday 10:24 PM
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