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Official Russia vs Ukraine Thread V- The winter is coming: A tale of stupid sanctions

Part 1. May the coming world famine keep us in check Part 2.

gachase21‎, 09-05-2022 05:00 AM
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Rest in peace 'Snailsruss'

I honley heard about her the other day.

Supaduck0‎, Today 01:32 AM
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Why do white women want to destroy the west?

All this for abortion? Letting in more illegals, universal healthcare,more welfare. what gives

rentfreein‎, Yesterday 07:19 PM
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Thumbs up Fat burning pills without working out?

Hello. Maybe it's been asked before, but I'm curious about the answer to this question: What Happens if You Take Fat Burners Without Working Out? I would be glad if you could answer.

Hakanxyz‎, Today 01:43 AM
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Exclamation BREAKING: FBI searched for Top Secret nuclear weapons docs @ Mar-A-Lago

Friday Update: Trump under investigation for Espionage Act violations Politico: DOJ's new filing includes photo of the classified documents found at Mar-a-Lago on Aug. 8. Trump team likely sought to conceal classified docs at Mar-a-Lago, DOJ tells judge ...

BrianDaMan‎, 08-11-2022 05:09 PM
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Poll Poll: Official United Kingdom General Election 2023 Thread

Following the "fiscal event" on Friday where the UK Chancellor (Treasury Secretary) abolished the 45p tax band (in effect giving people earning more than £150,000 ($162,839) a tax cut) and promising to reduce the standard rate of tax from 20% to 19% in April 2023, along with the news that there...

CardiMuscles‎, 09-25-2022 02:11 AM
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Thumbs up Gotta admit, this is some top tier trolling

ojRnVz-Eo4w Gotta give this guy some credit for his dedication to his gimmick and how it's just some fun harmless thing he's doing.

JayJ350‎, Today 12:19 AM
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Poll Poll: Who damaged the Nord Stream pipelines?

Poll incoming

gachase21‎, 09-27-2022 04:50 AM
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Breaking: New crime statistics have been released from NYC (Shocking)

When you didn't think it could possibly get any worse. 13 percent commit 64 percent of all violent crime.

swoleyo‎, Yesterday 09:12 PM
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Yeah so DO NOT take finasteride and/or minoxidil for hair loss

I only used a topical formulation on my scalp and my feet swelled up. Got better since I stopped, still not back to normal a week later. Also have no sex drive. Other than that, no side effects. I guess theoretically it helps your hair grow but you have to do it for at least 6 months, and if...

Ausaric‎, Yesterday 06:06 PM
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Ric Flair wants to return to the ring.

Ric Flair said on his podcast, regarding Ricky Steamboats scheduled match at return of the dragon: "Steamboar coming back makes me want to come back again, I went back up to Lincoln and started training, what else is there to do?"

stayhomeneet‎, Today 01:34 AM
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Just LMFAO @ self checkout, I've stole some much from Walmart/target etc.

Everytime I go I don't scan at least 1 item. The fat incoherent retard at Walmart by the entrance doesn't even check it. Just LMFAO if you don't steal from these stores.

taskmob‎, Yesterday 08:00 PM
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Smile Can you please tell me how swole or natty you are?

Can bodybuilding forums please help me with a little personal experiment with these questions? I'd like to compare numbers between posters here against my own. 1. Height Are you over 185cm (6ft 1inch)? Or are you under 167cm (5ft 5inches)? 2. Body fat

leanbulk1‎, 09-21-2022 05:05 PM
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Arrow Undercover Chicago police shoot a guy for no reason

What a pathetic display of police work. Guy was walking around doing nothing, can't even tell who is who. No way to identify who is a cop, sad, pathetic, loser department, and a complete lack of training and competence. N84wj5CHNFg

FentanylFloyd‎, Yesterday 10:11 PM
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rajc & jewish sloot part 2

part 1 here (with pics): sup boyos so today i met up with my little star over bethlehem, we met up, grabbed some smoothies and then went thriftstorecelling my dates are kinda fast paced (i wanna be over with within 45mins) well...

Rajc‎, Yesterday 01:51 PM
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Nordstream pipeline blown up

All fingers toward US sabotage These are clear and obvious acts of war, not only against Russia, but against Western Europe as well. And not only is the USA the primary suspect, with the means and the motivation to destroy the...

moosik85‎, 09-27-2022 03:12 AM
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PhD candidate admits to theft online

Surely it will be easy to send this to his prestigious school to see how they feel about this since he was allegedly doxxed.

ClivesTriceps‎, Today 12:18 AM
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Exclamation North Dakota Police: 18yo killed was NOT politically motivated

Woah. WTF is going on over here? Are we watching them rewrite history in real time?

gwg77‎, 09-26-2022 05:49 AM
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Red face I just want a girlfriend as hot as her (pics)

I don’t care about much anymore. Just want to upgrade my gf.

BrooksKoepka‎, Today 12:13 AM
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