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  • Wednesday:Hamstrings and Calves

    Atlantic: 27x20 34x15

    48x12 push thru pain

    55kg: 1x8
  • Tuesday: Back

    Venmans actual walk from West mt Cotton side: Very full streams: Can see where flooded. Paths very wet and muddy. Hot. Late. Unfasted.
    39 mins: 3.0k

    Late: 8.00-9.30pm. 92.6kg

    Hi rows:...
  • Monday: Shoulders: improved on front raises/less pain. More weight.

    Parkview ride: 58 mins 13.5km

    Military Press: barx50 5kgx25 10kgx15

    12.5kg 1x11
    15kg 1x10 almost fail

    17.5kg: 1x15 fail on 6th same every week. Ready to improve from now on.

  • Sunday: Legs very late: Very hot.

    Got ready to to 4.30/5pm.. Heat so brutal. Not want to go.


    40kg x14

    50kgx10 crush me
    55kgx8 extra deep last reps.
  • Saturday Arms

    Preacher curls: 40kgx 30
    50kgx15 55kgx11 57.5kgx9

    60kg: 1x8 1x8 1x8

    Underhand Triceps: 28/35
    1/ 1x12
    2/ 1x12
    3/ 1x14
  • Saturday: RPm and Calves

    Easy RPM class.. under half full...Barely sweat: Hot and humid day too!

    Leg Press calves today:
    5 x 20 6x15

    7 plates max per side:
    1/ 1x11
    2/ 1x12
    3/ 1x14
  • Friday: Chest: 10kg increase Hammer Bench(use to hurt me)

    Venmans half walk to see flooding streams: Rained extremely heavy all day Thursday. Wanted to see floods in action. It never stopped 39 mins 2.7km

    Hammer Bench: 40kg: 1x50/10/4 50kgx14
  • Wednesday:Hamstrings and Calves

    Liams to get Vital Greens: Only quick chats.

    Then car battery fail: Had to push over hill to clutch start. Then fine.

    Extreme humidity followed by extremely heavy rain and traffic very...
  • Saturday: Arms

    Tried Barbell curls: Pain in elbow just with bar.

    Hammer Preacher: 20kgx10 40kgx20 easy 50kgx10 feels odd. No consistent tension. STOP.

    Lifestyle Preacher:
    50kgx15 55kgx10-12
  • Tuesday: Back

    Parkview ride: First in a week: Overecast and humid. Soaked back. 62 mins: 14.27km.
    Legs very sore. Slow ride

    Monday: Never made it to gym.

    Tuesday: New Walk : Bottom of Plateau....
  • Sunday Legs: Humid. Soaked through

    After missing last SUnday due to heat and humidity. After all heavy rain. Expected it to be a cool day. Not realise it would be this humid. 3 t'shirts. Extra soaked.

    Squats: Barx20 20kgx15 ...
  • Saturday: RPm and Calves

    Full class.. I got the last bike. Lucky just on time. Very hard class too! Quite soaked and a good workout.

    Hack Squat Calves:60/80/100kg x 20

    110kgx12 2/ 1x12
    115kg x 9
  • Friday: Y3T Can finally try it!

    Chay ravine. Every stream flowing from non stop heavy rain all day and night Thursday: Biggest smile on my face.
    Waterfalls everywhere/rush of water.: Climb up to old car wreck. Huge bag of rubbish...
  • Wednesday:Hamstrings and Calves

    No cardio today: No reason. Actually waiting for it to rain. SO could walk in it.

    Atlantic Leg curls: 27x20 34x15


    +2.2kg 1x10

    +4.6kg: 1x10
  • Tuesday: Back

    Venmans loop: Rain not happen as promised. Someone picked up all the rubbish I saved. Both streams not flowing . dry roads.
    55 mins 4.0km

    5pm-6.30pm; Packed gym: Lovely 24 degree day.

  • Monday: Shoulders

    Extreme heat Sunday. Never made it to gym on Sunday: Burning hot and thick humid air. Monday: All aircons on after Midday and all night.
    Wanted to go gym afternoon. Just ridiculous. 8.30pm; Not too...
  • Saturday: Arms. Elbow pain very bad now

    Barbell curls: 7.5kg 1x15 agony want to stop
    10kg x 2 too much pain.


    Preacher curls: 50kgx12
    60kgx8 now hard
  • Saturday: RPm and Calves

    Good class. Full. Not soaked.

    Hack Calves:

    Leg Raises:
  • Friday:Chest stronger again on Bench :D

    Thursday: 53 mins: 14km Parkview ride. Hamstrings felt sore for 2 days.

    Friday: 51 minutes: 3.3km Chay ravine overcast during walk

    Hammer Bench: Less pain and 10kg increase :D

    20kg x...
  • Wednesday:Hamstrings and Calves

    Lyndale loop. Very hot.: 30 mins.

    Had to rush back for Antenna fix.

    2.30pm Appt: Stop in Rochedale for topping and chicken.. AMAZING. Get fuel

    Get to see Paul at gym.. Not seen since...
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