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  • Suddenly leftists in America love the second...

    Suddenly leftists in America love the second amendment so they can protect their 1st amendment rights, all the while complaining about anyone with an opinion that's counter to their own.
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    The stomach vacuum of old days - worth it?

    The stomach vacuum seems to be making a comeback as a trainer for the transverse abs. I'm a guy who can't do much with abs because I have a lumbar implant. Anyone actually do vacuums consistently,...
  • Thread: Hello from SLC

    by 13JFO

    Hello from SLC

    Hey y'all, coming from Salt Lake in Utah. I found these forums looking for some tips for safe exercises. 29, retired mil, suffered some herniated discs that really !@#$ed up my back. Had surgery in...
  • Hi y'all, longtime lurker, finally made an account

    Title says it all. I've been through here before, but I figured I'd make an account since I started training in earnest. Spend 8 years in the service (joint fires), screwed up my back and wound up...
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