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Google Stadia November 19, 2019 - January 18, 2023

Google is pulling the plug soon. RIP.

ChristmasFnatic‎, Today 10:13 AM
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This guy was the peak of Christianity

It's all been downhill since JjTd-hypnYI _H-X1RhltRs

milfmanmilk‎, Today 05:23 PM
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by miscerForLulz  Go to last post
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Exclamation BREAKING: FBI searched for Top Secret nuclear weapons docs @ Mar-A-Lago

Friday Update: Trump under investigation for Espionage Act violations Politico: DOJ's new filing includes photo of the classified documents found at Mar-a-Lago on Aug. 8. Trump team likely sought to conceal classified docs at Mar-a-Lago, DOJ tells judge ...

BrianDaMan‎, 08-11-2022 05:09 PM
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Progress update : Red Meat 4 Hair

The only sources of protein in my diet are lamb, bison, beef and salmon/tuna This is the current state of my hair. I feel like it’s improved For reference red meat contains a ton of iron, and iron stimulates blood flow.

Eatforgains‎, Today 08:09 PM
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Wife Material? Cute Redhead, 23, Loves Her Dad, Built A House

There are still some good ones out there. :) 7Ngkzr2ijDk Worked through high school and college to earn the money. Built it for about $35K. Good job woman!

katya422‎, Yesterday 06:17 AM
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Unhappy I just kicked my cat out of the house

My female cat has been very violent with me for the past 6 months for no reason at all she gets mad at me if i even get close to her let alone pet her. Idk why she is so mad i thought about putting her to sleep but i figured just kicking her out and lets see if she finds someone who provides for...

RollingStones‎, Today 08:37 PM
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Poll Poll: Meditation October thread

A few benefits but their are greater ones than listed from my experience T3tS5WOQolI 10mins everyday for all of October

Ravishing_Rick‎, 09-26-2022 09:57 PM
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Rate my applesauce bread/10

Been sick forever and haven't cooked or baked for weeks. My 1st attempt at an applesauce bread. Happy Thursday! :)

kimm4‎, Today 06:26 PM
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Mirin bumble game?

It'll be our third **** sesh since hooking up 3 weeks ago. Tips, advice from chads?

PrimarisIn‎, Today 08:03 PM
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***2022 Official NFL Chat Thread***

With the conclusion of the super bowl it seems fitting we take our collective talents into a thread dedicated to the upcoming season. While it will be disappointing for many with the retirement of the one true GOAT we can all look forward to next years playoffs and Erin coming up short once...

Vhagar‎, 02-14-2022 01:00 PM
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Unhappy And THEN i went into the BACK ROOM......fuuuarrrkkkk

Brb had lunch at a bar on the road for work Brb see a sensual oils and Lingerie store in a strip mall Brb went in for schits n giggles to see what kind of Hbb works in there Brb looking at all these penetrating oils, crothchless panties, erection thong thingys Brb 2/10 sloot comes up starts...

RICHSTRONG‎, Today 07:15 PM
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Biden gets lost on stage... again. I can't even with this muppet anymore. Why haven't they 'peached this walking zombie?

i3oosted‎, Today 12:17 PM
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How much is a rotisserie chicken where you live?

Paid $11.97(CAD) today at the mart. $13.53 after taxes

miscbrah44‎, Today 07:18 PM
Last Post: Today 08:48 PM
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Official Russia vs Ukraine Thread V- The winter is coming: A tale of stupid sanctions

Part 1. May the coming world famine keep us in check Part 2.

gachase21‎, 09-05-2022 05:00 AM
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Crazy how far sports betting has come

Went from being illegal to 50% of ads being played during sports broadcasts. Also created a new wave of degenerate gamblers

Xerve‎, Today 07:05 PM
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by beegeener  Go to last post
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Saw this bumper sticker today. “Liberty is for losers”

Imagine having anything to do with this party

AlfBundy‎, Today 11:39 AM
Last Post: Today 08:45 PM
by JayJ350  Go to last post
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Official DALLAS COWBOYS Thread, Part 5

Post Draft Special Per nics1246

ChknFrydMFer‎, 04-24-2020 07:40 AM
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by niospecv  Go to last post
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Sexy 48yo woman dating 25yo Super Chad...

Damn, she looking sexy.... sorry oldcels... this 48yo Stacy only wants them young cats... You a damn liar if you say you won't slam those sugar walls... qOiJWDv4Ix4

N0stradamus‎, Today 02:19 PM
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