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  • Sunday: Y3T: Very late.

    Went home after shopping did all prep.
    7.30pm Let heat die down.

    Perfect.. As Jason and Prue appeared on my first set. And I trained so hard because of them. Just like old times.

    Leg Press:...
  • Saturday: Strain bicep really badly.

    Went so late. But was worth it.To see cool people.

    Lifestyle Preacher: 40kg x20-30

    50kg x 10
    60kg x 10

    65kg x10 fine

    70kg x 8 weird strain super painful all week after and physio...
  • Friday: Chest Y3T Stronger than last time.

    Wednesday not train on birthday

    Too late as always. Plan was to dye hair before going. Never happened.

    Low Incline Smith Machine
    20kg x 100lk
    30kg x 15

    1/ 37.5kg 1x10 1x10 1x10 all fine..
  • Tuesday: Back 10/11

    Underhand Laterals: 60kgx40 80kgx20


    100kg x 8 :D
    2/ 1x8 wanted a 3rd set but fried.

    Dumbbell Rows: 54kg 1x12 easy like 50kg

    56kg: 1x12 proper rows.. 11 on left
  • Shoulders Monday: 9/11

    Talk to Sarah today on her birthday and it was wonderful to reconnect.

    Military Press

    10kgx20 15kgx20 20kgx15

    22.5kg x 10

    25kg x 9 strong push through
  • Sunday: Legs 7th of November

    Leg X all fine< no strain at all. Did lots of extra sets.

    Squats: barx25 20kgx20m 40kgx15

    60kgx8 no belt

    65kg x 7
  • Saturday: RPm and Calves

    Most brutal RPM class.. Wanted to end and it never did. Rare for me as I think they are too short and not hard enough.

    Hack Calves: 3x30 4x20 5x20

    6 plates x 15

    +10kg 1x12

    7 plates: ...
  • Friday: Chest.

    Hammer flat bench
    40kg x 80/10/10

    70kg x 20

    75kg x15

    80kg x 12
  • Wednesday:Hamstrings and Calves

    Seated Leg Curls: 54kg x 40 75kgx20

    103kg x20
    110kg x20

    117kg x 15


  • Tuesday: Back: Jason and Prue turned up: SO happy.

    Bent Over Rows: 20kgx20 30kgx15 40kgx12

    42.5kg x10
    45kg x 8 die early

    47.5kg x 7

    48.75kg x 5 struggle

    50kg 1x3 going well then die.
  • Monday: Shoulders

    Viking Press: 40kgx40 60kgx20

    70kg x 15

    75kg x 15 all out. Easy

    Skip 77.5kg

    80kg: 1x12 PR by 2 reps :D
  • Sunday: Strain mostly gone: No time for Leg Press.

    Leg X Felt no strain this time. All strong reps.

    Squats: Bar x 20 20kgx20 40kg x 14 last rep bottom out.
    50kg x 8 felt no strain

    55kg x 8 went deep. long rest.

    60kg x 8 belt on

    65kg x...
  • Saturday: Arms

    Had to Vote Annererly after wild storms passed. 6pm
    Gym 6.30pm

    Then talk to Jake and Seb followed by introducing them to Tim

    7.15pm start. 8pm finish.

    Best Hardstyle ever played tonight....
  • Saturday: RPm and Calves

    Very hard RPM class. Soaked. Got a good seat. Almost full class.

    Not as fun as last week. People that were here. Hoping to see nice girl again.

    95.9 at start. 95.5 after

    Hack Squat Calves
  • Friday: Chest:PR 60kg Dumbbell Pullover

    Flat Bench Smith: 20kg x 150 approx. Rest pause at the end.
    40kg x 12

    45kg x10

    47.5kg x10

    50kg x 10
  • Wednesday:Hamstrings and Calves

    Lying Leg curls: usual slow warm ups:

    1/ 95kg full stack 1x20
    2/ 1x20

    3/ +2.5kg 1x15
    4/ +5kg 1x15
    5/ 1x14
    6/ 1x13 No music with headphone missing on left side.
  • Tuesday: Back

    Decide not to start with Bent over rows today. As time consuming

    Underhand Laterals: 60kg x 40 80kg x20

    90kg x 15

    100kg/side: 5 plates. Not done these since 2017/18??

    1x6 lose grip...
  • Monday: Shoulders

    7pm and feeling dead.. Even though slept solid last night.. Gym empty though.

    Standing Military Press.

    10kg x 20 15kgx15


    22.5kgx10 right not flowing
  • Sunday: Y3T: No enthusiasm: Soaked through

    Storms in afternoon. Humid after. Soaked soon as started working.

    Leg Press: 6 plates all sets: 1x20

    1/ 1x20 1x20 eyes closed : 1x10 1x10 1x5 all a struggle.

    2/ 1x10 1x10/10/5/5 on the...
  • Saturday: Arms

    Lifestyle Preacher Curls: Barbell curls

    40kgx40 60kgx10 65kgx8



    72.5kg x 6
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