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Asking someone in the gym to help me with lifting the first few times - yea or nay?

Hi guys. I unfortunately don’t have any friends that go to my gym, and the friends I have that do go to the gym are either in military college or go to Planet Fitness and just go for cardio. I tried to ask a personal trainer with my complementary session and asked specifically for help starting to...

ayylamo‎, Today 12:26 PM
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How do you manage cardio/weight training?

How many times a week do you do cardio and for how much? In your expierience, do you feel doing cardio delayes gains in strenght and muscle? Aside from football alI I do is jump rope and going running (always with intervals, never steady state), 3 or 4 times a week but I was wondering whats your...

Alexlarex‎, Yesterday 07:17 AM
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**MG5's Workout Journal**

Here I will be recording all of my workouts. What exercises I did with what weight and how many reps. It'll be a good way to see progress and I'm hoping others will find it interesting to follow. I know this isn't a supplement log but if I begin a new supplement and I notice certain effects then I...

MG5‎, 06-07-2011 03:56 PM
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Echo and Ring Camera, trash them....

If you have these devices or you know people who do, tell them to trash these devices. But it won’t matter anyway because what Amazon hasn’t told you is that these devices use RF in the 900ghz range and are used as a mesh network, this means they hear all devices up to a 1/2 mile, the network is...

LWW‎, 06-18-2021 09:27 AM
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Critical Race Theory for Dummies

My kids are half Filipino and half Polish. That makes them Cauc-Asian. Ya dig? So critical race theory (CRT) is another Marxist goat turd designed to make white kids feel guilty and to make brownies feel entitled to something. Whatever that something is. Cuz you know. History and $hit. With...

NorwichGrad‎, Today 09:25 AM
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Hope to bring some working out discussions to the table (Videos/Picture thread)

Hey guys I know working out can become boring and there is but so much we can talk about working out, however things have changed in this place not bad or good just different. I was hoping maybe MAYBE we can bring some life into this place back with videos and pictures of your current training...

bodyhard‎, 12-04-2020 06:45 PM
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Poll Poll: Do you have a suit of armor in your kitchen?

Here is mine. Not in my own residence, but in another house I own. Let's see your suit of armor if you have one in your kitchen.

paulinkansas‎, Today 12:22 PM
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Summer training logbook

Hello everyone Long time lurker here, not a big poster, not even on the misc. I started training consistently in february 2018 and have not stopped since. I originally cut from 101kg back to 78kg, bulked way too fast to 87kg, cut again to 80kg, and now I am sitting at a not fat, but certainly...

thepissening‎, 05-31-2021 03:25 PM
Last Post: Today 11:42 AM
by Filmbuff81  Go to last post
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Love the Pain -- Make the Barbell Cry!

Hello all, Getting close to a 1000 lb total, so it feels a little justified to start a workout journal to track the next big milestones. Working on a 4 plate squat, 3 plate bench, and 5 plate DL, all for reps by the end of the year. That would be about a 1330 lb total, hopefully qualifying...

ECGordyn‎, 04-15-2018 06:39 PM
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Nutrition and Incarceration?

For those of you who have been in and out of the penal system, how do you maintain your nutrition during the incarceration? Asking for a friend.

paulinkansas‎, Today 08:06 AM
Last Post: Today 11:37 AM
by desslok  Go to last post
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restarted... 3 plates first time... NOW WITH VIDEO and bonus dumbbell content..

Posting a video on a forum, I've now crossed some threshold after 30 years of blabbering on the internet. original thread: 3 plates: V-dzcuTINL8 Didn't go up as smooth as Friday, but it went. This was the second take. First one I...

Gabbar99‎, 06-15-2021 12:40 PM
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Is this a good diet plan for weight loss for a 26 year old 6 ft 3 inches & 370lbs?

Option 1 MORNING (Protein Pancakes) 50G White Flour EGG WHITE 10 Tropicana 0 Calorie Sugar 140ML MILK Watermelon 100G LUNCH

Apex2233‎, 06-07-2021 01:14 PM
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Pushups using your own bodyweight vs benchpressing

Let's say you weigh 165lbs, and you do 3 sets of 10 pushups. Would that mean you could benchpress the same amount of weight using a barbell? Which would be better for hypertrophy?

vizore‎, 05-22-2021 01:30 AM
Last Post: Today 11:23 AM
by BeginnerGainz  Go to last post
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Smile Ah yes my plan works im red all the way.

Now that Im officially red rep all the way and a villain, I can finally troll and people would expect it. Yes the meatheads and their cyber insecurity really hurt my rep gainz with all those imaginary red points they call reps. More red reps for me, more winning notoriety for you. Uuuuuuhhh that...

BanatBeastBoy‎, Today 11:14 AM
Last Post: Today 11:17 AM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: ***official introductions thread***

New to the site or just want to say hi? No matter where you're located, introduce yourself and meet other members here!

anonymous‎, 12-23-2015 09:33 AM
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How Do I Counteract Muscle Wasting on One Side and Gain Symmetry?

Hi Everyone, I have suprascapular (neck and shoulder area) nerve damage on my right side from a football injury 15 years ago when I was 16. As a result, there's significant atrophy from muscle wasting on my upper right side. Is it possible to naturally fix muscle wasting from nerve damage? Or...

andy2012‎, Today 11:07 AM
Last Post: Today 11:09 AM
by BeginnerGainz  Go to last post
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A weightlifter, powerlifter, bodybuilder and crossfitter walk into a bar

Found it somewhat interesting They compete in: one rep max clean 30 clean and jerks for time at 135 pounds one rep max deadlift physique show football, soccer, baseball & basketball stuff wn0Av0ZTvxE

jaxqen‎, Today 10:41 AM
Last Post: Today 11:05 AM
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Exclamation Kidney issues

Hey guys I suffer kidney pain although I drink 3 litres of water daily I use only whey , creatine and glutamine I made alot of analysis for kidney functions always show no problem Is there any solution

Boodymus‎, 06-17-2021 02:33 AM
Last Post: Today 11:03 AM
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A thorough review on task-specifi hypertrophy to enhance strength & power

Hey all, No amazing takeaways from this rather dense review, but for people who want to learn more about the research of the influence of different types of training on different aspects of hypertrophy (sarcoplasmic vs myofibrillar, type I vs type IIa vs type IIx, regional hypertrophy, changes...

Heisman2‎, Yesterday 10:31 AM
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Question lifting and studying

hi, i want to consider lifting as a lifestyle, how can i manage to study and lift at the same time while i go to a pharmacy college....because i need at least 2 hours of studying daily, should i workout before studying or after studying ? and did anybody have similar experience in lifting and...

zuijo‎, Today 01:31 AM
Last Post: Today 10:45 AM
by EliKoehn  Go to last post
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