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cambuiestofados‎, Today 10:35 PM
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September to Christmas Fat loss thread

Here we go again, same as always... Come and go as you please, everyone is welcome. No pressure No sign up fee 😂 Hold yourself accountable with others that are in the same boat. Friday 17th September is the first date and we go to Christmas Eve. Set yourself a target and smash it

Beavertown‎, 09-10-2021 02:07 AM
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Losing Fat

A case for the loaded back extensions (Heisman get in here)

Found this study comparing back extensions to RDLs (didn’t bother to mention seated back extensions) since those are my two favorite posterior chain exercises. Looks like I was on to something using loaded...

BeginnerGainz‎, 09-22-2021 06:40 PM
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How Does It Work Keto Strong? DESCRIPATION :- Keto Strong>> Keto Strong>> Reviews is actually a natural and normal approach to get in shape by consuming obstinate fats kept in the body quite a while in the past. This additionally avoids other incidental effects that different en-hancements...

CordenEdmond‎, Today 09:39 PM
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How many workouts per body part?

How many different work out should I do per body part, and how many sets of each work out? For example, how many workouts/exercises for glutes, how many for calves, quads ect. How many for shoulders, chest, bicep,triceps, fore arms, back Also, a 2nd part to this question is how long should...

Bang973‎, 09-21-2021 11:24 PM
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Finally started my polynesian sleeve/chest Tat.

As some of you may know I've been contemplating to get this tat for sometime now. I was going to get it started in the summer, but the tat artist said I could not go to the beach/swimming or expose it to the sun and I didn't want to ruin my summer so we scheduled it for today (end of summer) It...

bodyhard‎, 09-18-2021 03:53 PM
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Over 35 Misc

Question Best forearm exercise ?

Hello, i need help. I always had small and weak forearms. I do lot of pulling (deadlifts,rows,pull-ups ...) but my forearms are always burning as hell and sometimes im just focusing on grip to not drop the weight ... So i want to add some exercise just for forearms. I need something for both...

Shakewhey‎, 09-22-2021 05:27 AM
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Back - Width vs Thickness exercises

Hi all, Could someone help me with what BB/DB lifts that fall into either width/thickness category or if they are an all rounder? There must be 'better' than other lifts too? Currently my preferred lifts are BB row (supinated grip) and DB rows (neutral grip). Also have multi grip pull up bars,...

STRYDG‎, 09-21-2021 01:26 PM
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Arrow Is my back/biceps workout bad?

- Back Seated Row 4x12-10-10-8 reps Lat Pull-down 4x10-10-10-8 Narrow grip Lat Pull-down 4x10-10-10-8 Single Arm Reverse Grip Row 4x10-10-10-10 Seated High Row 4x10-10-10-8 - Rear Deltoids Reverse Pec Deck 4x10-10-10-8 - Biceps Dumbbell Curls 4x10-10-10-8

vikxdz‎, Today 12:27 PM
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**MG5's Workout Journal**

Here I will be recording all of my workouts. What exercises I did with what weight and how many reps. It'll be a good way to see progress and I'm hoping others will find it interesting to follow. I know this isn't a supplement log but if I begin a new supplement and I notice certain effects then I...

MG5‎, 06-07-2011 03:56 PM
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orlando florida mr olympia

i will be going to orlando for the first time can someone suggest some good places to eat ? looking to stay on my diet somewhat , and also enjoy some cheat meals. best burger joint ? best pizza ? chinese food and some places i could get basic grilled chicken , steak, fish , rice...

havok77‎, 09-16-2021 10:45 PM
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Best ways to target lower traps

A have a bit of rounding / anterior tilt on my left shoulder, I've seen a few physios in the past who have given me corrective exercises for my lower traps, mainly with resistance bands. These exercises seem pretty effective but Im now looking for something more 'gym-based'. The exercises...

ReboundReps‎, 09-11-2021 10:35 AM
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Drastic increase in activity, gaining weight?

Hi, I recently started a new job where I went from sedentary outside of the gym to very active 12-15k steps daily while lifting multiple 30kg boxes throughout the day. Stats: 5'8, male, 28 yrs old, 117kg. I've been eating 2100 calories a day and gyming 6 days a week, with 3-4 20-30 min cardio...

Rooskie93‎, Today 09:02 PM
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Losing Fat

There is NOTHING wrong with being a tradesmen.

I'm sick of all the hate that tradesmen garner around here on the Misc, do you know what? At least we have jobs and aren't rotting in our parents basement or slowly dying mentally and physically in an office chair. MY family comes from a long line of tradesmen, my mother was a plumber, my brother...

Sandmanlet‎, 11-29-2016 10:40 PM
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Teen Misc.

Bulk or Cut as a female?

5'8, 136 pounds. Been lifting for 2 years and never counted calories. Went from 121-136 within that time and when I started lifting I was underweight. Wanted to just get some feedback on my current physique as of now, as well as if I should bulk to 145-150 or cut down. Not sure of body fat either....

AL459‎, 09-15-2021 12:33 PM
Last Post: Today 08:42 PM
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Post Sub 4MIN row

Hey, recently got into towing for a warm up to prior to my actual workout and wanted to know how my row is ? I’m 5”7 176lbs And so 1000m rows at 3:37-3:41 at 37-42 s/m I think that’s what it is as far as the s/m goes lol I don’t remember but I am at 37-42 Like I said I would just like to...

icantu2‎, Yesterday 10:22 PM
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advice on protein powder

I have seen a lot of different types of protein powder. I am trying to build more muscle and lower my fat percentage. what would be the best choice for my self. also can someone explain how BCAA and creatine works please thank you

oakley1993‎, Yesterday 01:53 PM
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What does Arnold mean when he says "10 reps to failure"?

I'm reading The Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding and in more than one place Arnold will say things like "Deadlifts, 3 sets of 10, 6, 4 reps to failure" or "a bodybuilder uses less weight and does more repetitions, usually 8 to 12 for the upper body, 12 to 15 for legs, and does each set to...

joehenry087‎, 04-30-2016 09:30 PM
Last Post: Today 08:33 PM
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6 days a week- 10-20 mins a day

I’d appreciate your advice and/or comments on the following work out plan. I enjoy going to the gym early morning to get a good start in the day and like to go six days a week - Monday to Saturday. My current plan is 30-40 mins cardio on cross trainer and/or rowing machine followed by 10-20...

Live2021‎, Today 02:06 AM
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The Flywheel Effect.

"Picture a huge, heavy flywheel. Its a massive, metal disk mounted horizontally on an axle. It's about 100 feet in diameter, 10 feet thick, and it weighs about 25 tons. Your job is to get that flywheel to move as fast as possible, because momentummass times velocityis what will generate superior...

CW47‎, 08-02-2016 06:39 PM
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