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2A doesn't defend against tyranny

Beauuu‎, Yesterday 07:21 PM
Last Post: Today 12:48 AM
by Smithers115  Go to last post
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Why lift as a natty?

LOL at someone pinning and making better gains by not even working out. (Ded fkn Srs)

gmenfan40‎, Yesterday 06:17 PM
Last Post: Today 12:47 AM
by ye193x  Go to last post
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Miscord Recuirtment

Join us on the misc discord. A few members left so looking for new ones to join.

WABeast‎, Today 12:39 AM
Last Post: Today 12:47 AM
by Rajc  Go to last post
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life is not about expierence's and traveling, its about COCKS

Nothing in life can cover the real reality...that the major events wheither it was WAR, peace education or working competition or group-work group or individualism its all about COCKs we need to shove the cock inside a vagina, to RECREATE

Kiop‎, Today 12:34 AM
Last Post: Today 12:46 AM
by lnvictus  Go to last post
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This is probably the best song ever

You're a homo if you disagree HvldypUz9w8

GaryRidgway‎, Yesterday 09:59 PM
Last Post: Today 12:46 AM
by r0undNr0und  Go to last post
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Last Post: Today 12:44 AM
by RopeACope  Go to last post
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Robber gets head smashed by baseball bat, then bodied by firefighters

LinuxJon‎, Today 12:42 AM
Last Post: Today 12:43 AM
by r0undNr0und  Go to last post
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Another yt boy loses his girlfriend to a black man in public

Seems to be a daily recurrence now.

DavidEaslea‎, Today 12:10 AM
Last Post: Today 12:42 AM
by NutInsideMouth  Go to last post
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Can Kratos solo Elden Ring universe?


Fang2‎, Yesterday 08:26 PM
Last Post: Today 12:39 AM
by OneLegSquats  Go to last post
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Who is repping the delusional leftists here?

NyCuck, ZCuckvCuckZ, SillieCuckzillie, etc. All delusional to the point of being clinically insane and wrong about literally everything they post, but have hundreds of thousands of rep points? Is there a mod on here troll-repping or something?

LiveLaughLoath‎, Yesterday 09:40 AM
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Last Post: Today 12:38 AM
by EctoCanuck  Go to last post
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Total War: Warhammer 3

New announcement trailer has just dropped and it looks quality. Expected end of 2021.

DigDeeper1‎, 02-03-2021 09:14 AM
Last Post: Today 12:38 AM
by Singularity7  Go to last post
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Kormo‎, Yesterday 10:18 PM
Last Post: Today 12:36 AM
by lnvictus  Go to last post
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Friend suffering from gaming addiction, it has ruined his life

Looking for advice. A buddy of mine is addicted to playing on his Playstation. He lives with his parents who enable him. He has no job, no real friends besides me and no social life. When he's not gaming or sleeping, he goes to forums to argue about "Playstation master race" and all it's...

Coal Man‎, Yesterday 10:37 AM
Last Post: Today 12:35 AM
by TheAdlerian  Go to last post
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Looks like the Activision deal is going through

UK’s CMA: Microsoft Right, Sony Wrong On ‘Call Of Duty’ Competition Question Microsoft now appears to well on its way to the overall approval of its Activision Blizzard acquisition, as it’s just scored probably its largest victory yet. The UK’s CMA, the most skeptical regulatory body during this...

havoc00‎, Yesterday 10:11 AM
Last Post: Today 12:34 AM
by OneLegSquats  Go to last post
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Rate our old backyard quality

I sort of miss it when I look back on things.

LinuxJon‎, Yesterday 09:46 PM
Last Post: Today 12:31 AM
by LinuxJon  Go to last post
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paid $15 for this

cheatday lets goo

Rajc‎, Today 12:16 AM
Last Post: Today 12:30 AM
by Rajc  Go to last post
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I'd damn near give my left testicle for GameCube games on switch online

They've got NES, SNES, 64, GB, GBA, and Genesis games. There's only one way up from here. Please, sweet baby Jesus. Nintendo overlords, grant my wish. I want nothing more than to take a chit, switch in hand, and here l hear this song.... RRVrmBHXEeE

Muzzlrpress‎, Yesterday 05:02 PM
Last Post: Today 12:27 AM
by DolphinPilot  Go to last post
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Well....There goes Sammy's popularity and push down the toilet

Everyone knew at some point Sammy would "come to his senses" and either turn on the Bloodline or be kicked out. Either way, the peak was hugging it out with KO on Smackdown. This was such a waste, because the "hug" or the reuinting of the friendship should have happened at WM, not on Friday night...

squat_blaster‎, 03-20-2023 11:05 AM
Last Post: Today 12:25 AM
by WWFE  Go to last post
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Shakira's new song is actually fire.

Good song. But I accidentally came across the English translation for it. Oh boy. Had no idea it was a dig at her ex soccer bf who left her for somebody younger. Still a great track though. She still looking good. fvQ7uaM554g

markkillerings‎, Today 12:24 AM
Last Post: Today 12:24 AM
by markkillerings  Go to last post
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PassportJamaal living like Denzel in Thailand.

Served hand and foot by 2's and 3's like low grade King Tut but basically living life rent free off youtube ad rev with zero stress. Lol@even Bangkok sloots getting the Kardashian starter kit. g63gKOE458U How come more millennials don't do this?

YungSodomy‎, Today 12:13 AM
Last Post: Today 12:22 AM
by YungSodomy  Go to last post
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