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Back from band camp

How's everyone been?

BrocepCurls‎, Today 09:49 PM
Last Post: Today 10:59 PM
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MISC Crypto Crew (MCC) Vol.5: Bitcoin Wars Episode V: Back to the Futures

11-02-2016 to 06-21-2017 OG thread: 06-21-2017 to 08-17-2017 Vol. 1: 08-17-2017 to 10-11-2017 Vol. 2: 10-11-2017 to...

KillahJon‎, 12-08-2017 10:04 PM
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Anal is detestable

Poop works its way out of your colon. It is full of harmful bacteria. It is waste that is poisonous to your body, and you want to stick your peen and tongue and fist up there? Are you some kind of homo? Anal is perverse pissening of the sickest order.

KarateChopKapow‎, Today 10:52 PM
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So I work a job that I've been making 100-160K since I was 23

but there is absolutely zero future in terms of moving. My direct superiors don't make any more than I do (which would take maybe 5-7 more years to get to) and even 1 position on top of that doesn't pay a whole lot more (which would be another 8-15 years on top of that). I would have to climb 3...

SpiritualLaw‎, Today 10:23 PM
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I really fukked up (misc tranny story)

Sup brahs I just fukked up man I don’t misc too much but in the past few months my lack of social life and success with women drove me to start watching some really weird chit mainly tranny porn. That escalated into making a grindr account and looking for trannies to fukk, if I make any typos...

Birdsmasher‎, Yesterday 11:01 PM
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Holy chip the new Star Wars is a total cuckfest [spoiler warning]

I mean the movie was entertaining enough but jesus christ at all the leftist propaganda they managed to squeeze in there... brb introduce two new major characters, one of them is a fat asian chick, the other is the new leader for the rebel alliance who is an old hag with blue hair (lmao) brb...

UnclRuckus‎, 12-13-2017 03:12 PM
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Misc R/P is my fam

Even though I may disagree with some on politics, this is a place I can discuss chit that none of my friends care about. I deserved all the the negs I got from the Alabama Senate race. Love you all ( no homo )

OPGenesis‎, Today 10:57 PM
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Anyone shave their head with a electric shaver?

Like one that you could shave your face too?

Mr.PissShivers‎, Today 10:04 PM
Last Post: Today 10:56 PM
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Nbas most famous sidekick picks his dream Batman

wildchild11‎, Today 09:18 PM
Last Post: Today 10:55 PM
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Squat butt wink?

How good/bad is my form? VSrfSzCJe_A This is the only camera angle that I have in my small space so I hope it is enough. And Hell no I wouldn't leave the house in those shorts #motivation

agrsiv‎, Today 05:32 PM
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When miscers are reincarnated Cliffs: monkeys grinding themselves on deers to get off Female deers run Male deers don’t care and keep eating #metoo

Duckliver‎, Today 10:40 PM
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The misc was wrong - Star Wars was good

Literally the only gripe i had was Dropping bombs in space? but who was gravity? also Luke was a bit of a cuck

JamesA1990‎, Today 10:04 PM
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Now that the Net has been Neutered, let the new wave of Fascism in America commence

What this is, and I want everyone to pay attention, is the new wave of fascism in America. Net neutrality leveled the playing field between the elite and the masses. With this vote passing #NeuteredNet is very real, and its only going to get worse. We are now in a new era of fascism in this...

DrFlexologist‎, Today 02:39 PM
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Just LMAO if you don't own any Bitcoin srs

You people are dun goofing hard if you don't own any Bitcoin. We're at a pivotal time where you will actually be able to own one full Bitcoin. Everyone will be looking back in 30 years wondering WHY they didn't buy some. Even a quarter of a Bitcoin will be worth a lot. You're witnessing the rise of...

WinterFresh‎, 11-17-2017 02:58 PM
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Why do you guys think dating is so insanely hard nowadays?????

Even when I go out looking great, feeling great approaching women at bars is insanely difficult...trying to keep the attention of a cute 26 year old girl is like trying to balance a unicycle on a tight rope. How the F*ck do you guys do it????

SpiritualLaw‎, Today 10:31 PM
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Exclamation ⛄️🎄Santa Is Here!🎅🏼☃

I'm Here To Hand Out Christmas Reps, Stop By To Get Yours... Merry Christmas Misc!!!!

COUNTRYMIKE‎, Today 12:27 PM
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Sweden Raises Retirement Age For Swedes To 69 To Pay For Migrants

Sweden is officially a caricature of a cuckolded country at this point. Celebrate diversity! It's so wonderful! “Beginning 2018 we expect that the need for welfare will grow considerably more rapidly...

QuitYourCrying‎, Today 09:10 PM
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Trump transition lawyer: Mueller improperly obtained documents in Russia probe Time to drain the flippin' swamp Trump

Herblore‎, Today 07:22 PM
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The One Problem with WWE Today According to Big Show

The Big Show recently did an interview with and here is an excerpt: “Sometimes, when stories are rushed or put together too fast, people can’t enjoy them. That’s the only criticism I have with our industry right now, it’s really tough to build stories like we used to. The writing was on...

ChristmasFnatic‎, Today 05:50 PM
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Angry Lettuce is a waste of time yet it is embraced by society. Why?

Even going as far as to call it crunchy water is giving it a stupid amount of credit. You're basically wasting your energy, your digestive systems finite ability to process food and ultimately your own fuking mortality by consuming this worthless trash. You would get more nutrition by eating a...

CorpseParty‎, Today 09:00 PM
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