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  • Sunday: Legs/. Try different workout

    Trying to let Adductor strain recover. Not doing Squats

    Tarah already training before I got there. She said warm up on the Adductor machine and ….. it was AMAZING!

    Leg extensions usuals first....
  • Saturday: Arms Y3T

    4 sets of triples


    1/ 45kgx15 42x15 38.5kgx15

    2/ 42x15 42x15 38.5x15

    3/ 42x15 42x15 38.5x15
  • Saturday: RPm and Calves

    RPM class at the back. Solid not hard.

    Leg Press Calves:

    9 plates
    1/ 1x15
    2/ +10kg x15
  • Friday: Chest.

    Fresh after missed Chest due to lockdown last week.

    Finish work 2pm.

    Smith: 20kgx100 reps +

    30kg x20
    40kgx12 all fine

  • Wednesday: Arms( rare) Massage with Kirsty @ Scout

    Missed arms on Saturday. Cannot do Back or Hamstrings before massage.

    Lifestyle PreACHer Curls: Feat <Mitch & Claire besides me.

    40kgx20 50kgx10 55kgx10
    60kg x8
    62.5kg x8
    65kg x 8
    67.5kg x...
  • Tuesday: Shoulders with Tarah

    Legs destroyed last night. Swollen and look so big. Quality sleep. Throbbed all night

    Super sore this morning. Got better as day progressed. Wanted to train Back as per my program( but legs and...
  • Monday: Gym reopens from lockdown at 6pm: 2 hour Leg workout.

    Got there dead on 6pm. Thinking it be a stampede. Only a few. 3 of us in Leg room. By 6.30pm it got full though.

    Leg X: Now right was good on warm ups. Left was tight.

    Squats: Bar x 20 ...
  • Weekend lockdown. Cardio only

    Extremely sore on Saturday. Ok to rest.

    Bike ride= no fitness. Plus mask up hill was no fun. 65 mins 15km Amazing changes to be seen. Plus xmas decorations still up. Lovely and cool

    BSN Fat...
  • Friday January 8th: Shoulders with Tarah.

    Standing Military Press: 10kgx20 15kgx20

    1/ 1x12
    2/ 1x12
    3/ 1x12 unsure maybe more reps as not write down.

    Hammer Machine Shoulder Press. Forgot about this machine till Tarah said...
  • Wednesday:Hamstrings and Calves

    Seated Leg curls: 54x20 75x20
    117 x 9
    117 x 9
    110kg x 14 rest pause single reps to failure.

    Atlantic Standing Leg Curls: 41x20 48x10 as one set

    55kg full stack
  • Tuesday : Back 8pm Way too late. Worked hard though.

    Wide Grip Chins:

    1/ 1x20 and hold

    2/ 1x13 wanted 15

    3/ 1x10

    Seated Rows: 97kgx12
  • Sunday: Y3T: Legs: 92.0kg today. After 94.0kg last night.

    Leg Press: 5plx25 warm up

    1/ 6 plates: 1x20 1x15 wide 1x10 1x8.. weight it killing me I should reduce it.

    2/ 1x20 1x20 Wide 1x10/5/5

    3/ 1x20 1x20 Wide 1x10/5/5

    4/ 1x20 1x20 1x10 1x10...
  • Saturday 02/01/21

    Check in with Logan not seen since March 2019 day of last show.

    77.5mm. Very fat abs and Upper back. As I already knew.

    Making a plan to get me to 50mm.. and train like ready for an October...
  • Arms Saturday

    Barbell x 5 reps with 5kg still in pain

    Lifestyle Preachers: 40kgx17
    50kg x 15
    55kg x 11

    60kg x 9

    62.5kg x 8 long rest.
  • New Years Day : Chest: 01/01/2021


    Bench bar only x 120-150 reps

    Hammer Bench Press: 40kg/side x 30

    70kg/side 1x12
    72.5kg x 9
    75kg x 5 limit feel 6th rep but not want to push it.
  • Link to 2021 Journal
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  • 2021:Lifting is Suffering. Necro's Journal of Intent to Succeed!

    Change of DJ name I follow. Every journal has been named after Dj Promo tracks.
    But now in last 2 years.
    Sefa has been the main Dutch artist I listen too. His quote from Jordan Peterson. Life is...
  • Thursday(never train on this day) 31st December

    Hamstrings still sore! From Monday

    Decided on Y3T workout: 6 sets of 15/15/15

    Enjoyed on so much did extra set.

    46/39/+ 25kg for singles. Then work up to 74kg

    53kg too light.
  • Tuesday: Shoulders: ded! Should not have bothered

    Back workout absolutely destroyed me. 10/10 sore. Hamstrings so sore. Tender to put deodorant on. Should have had a rest day

    Going through the motions. Not want to be here.

    Viking Press:...
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