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Red face Achievable improvements within a year for a skinny total beginner like me?

TL;DR Just wonder based on your knowledge/opinion how far can I improve in 1 year? Is being able to curl a 30lbs-dumbbell very unlikely to achieve? My current status: • Ectomorph. 29yo, 5'10', 58kg(127lbs). Very skinny. Small bone-frame. Almost no muscle and no fat. • One arm standing...

marvena‎, Yesterday 07:37 AM
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How does Sadik achieve his shred?

I've been watching a few of his YT. Is it possible to get to this level of shred drinking a gallon of water a day? How do you get to this level of vascularity and muscle fiber? What does contest-prep nutrition look like?

BeastmodeLEE‎, 05-13-2022 07:57 PM
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Low Volume High Frequency U/L 4 day on one day off

So I am looking to workout pretty much every day if possible as I use training to get my stress out and genuinely just love lifting. I have heard low volume high frequency training has a lot of success when it comes to strength and hypertrophy gains and I just wanted to ask peoples opinions on...

StrengthStudnt‎, Today 12:45 AM
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Cheat meal habbits and how NOT TO ( help )

Hello. I realized i just posted another threat but i did not want to include this topic in the other one as this is another question i have. I cannot seem to be able to break the cheat meal in the weekend cicle. I always have a pizza with my girl, chilling, enjoying some movies, drinking...

GreenTaldarin7‎, Today 12:16 AM
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Weightlifting routines for Class III morbidly obese beginner male

Hi folks! I'm wondering if any of you knowledgeable and passionate people happen to know a good beginners weightlifting routine for an obese man (aka me!). Trying to "unfat" myself and go about it in a healthy way. Never a bad time to get healthy! Stats: Age: 32 (33 in June) Height: (6ft...

PudgeyPaws‎, 04-26-2022 07:34 PM
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Losing Fat

My transformation question & help

Hello guys. I'm 32. I started my journey 5 months ago. Was at around 89-90 kg at 1.78 cm. Diet was 2150 calories ( ~60 fat / 180 proteins / 220 carbs ) / day out of my 2600-2700 maintainance, more or less i guess. ~5 days a week training.

GreenTaldarin7‎, Today 12:06 AM
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You've eaten a whole lot of food increasing 365 Keto Gummies your fiber intake is going to be very very important in closing I just want to touch on a couple more aspects of why this whole concept is so important so when we're talking about weight gain and wanting to lose weight one important...

HalfFresno‎, Yesterday 11:39 PM
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Is Lifestyle Keto Gummies? Real Weight Loss Results from Lifestyle Keto Gummies Ingredients? DESCRIPATION :- Lifestyle Keto Gummies>>Lifestyle Keto Gummies>> Reviews is viewed as sound and without secondary effects which is probably the best thing about this enhancement. It has no fake or...

KathyStebb‎, Yesterday 11:05 PM
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Question CORE HARD supplement alternatives?

I am having a really difficult time sourcing CORE HARD in my country. Short of getting the active ingredients individually, can anyone recommend a similar product? Active ingredients are: KSM-66, Phosphatidyl Serine 50%, L-Theanine, Cocoabuterol

dennisonuy‎, Yesterday 10:34 PM
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chest/back after fierce 5

Hi all, After close to 2 months of training the fierce 5 i am reaching the end of my progression. Instead of taking a week and continue, i prefer modify my workout. I will keep most of the exercises and change a few around. Basicly i wish to put my focus to two of my weaker groups: chest and...

cembos‎, 05-14-2022 11:16 PM
Last Post: Yesterday 09:58 PM
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https supplement24x7 com/xp-nutrition-keto/

XP Nutrition Keto Gummies Get linked with a educate/trainer and a demonstrated on line multilevel marketing lead generation gadget. Pay-according to-click marketing, hyperlink exchange, article advertising and viral advertising are a few feasible ways to divert search-engine visitors to your web...

grcvetq‎, Yesterday 09:37 PM
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Question Can I stack this test booster with this muscle builder product ?

Just wondering your guys thoughts on stacking my MUTANT TEST with Redcon1 MOAB , can they be stacked together safely ? I know MOAB is a good boost to take with a preworkout . And ...

MikeoPsycho‎, Yesterday 08:53 PM
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Mass shooting in Buffalo

ERIE COUNTY MASS SHOOTING: multiple police agencies responded to Tops on Jefferson Avenue in Buffalo. Police say they have a shooter in custody who is photographed below. At least 9 individuals have been reported shot, more than 5 of them in the head. At least 1 fatality. How nuts is that?...

mtpockets‎, 05-14-2022 01:37 PM
Last Post: Yesterday 08:49 PM
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Over 35 Misc

t booster results

keep trying to post screenshots from my chromebook i'll figure it out but here are the results testosterone total 724 testosterone free 112 good numbers considering i haven't been eating good and training properly after 8 weeks at two caps a day of t booster

ManwittaPlan‎, 03-06-2021 10:35 AM
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by lewdog_5  Go to last post
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New Home Gym

I don't have the luxury as most of you folks outside of NY to have so much space to build a full gym in the basement. I also know myself and know that I wont stop going to the gym even if I did have a full gym in my basement I enjoy going to the gym, its my way of "getting away" from the every...

bodyhard‎, 05-03-2022 04:52 AM
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Over 35 Misc

Thoughts on wide pads for bench? (14")

I'm used to benching off of a standard 12" pad but contemplating making the jump to a 14" wide pad. I don't expect to magically press more weight, but I'm under the impression most people like the wide pads better. What's your experience? I'm not currently experiencing shoulder issues but I...

radrd‎, 05-11-2022 04:07 PM
Last Post: Yesterday 07:39 PM
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Total Body Transformation

The best workout to help you get the body you always wanted with full chest and six pack you always wanted.

Giojojo26‎, Yesterday 07:39 PM
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Personal trainer advice

I started lifting weights about 3 years ago at age 42. I got hooked. I got a personal trainer to move from machines to free weights and learned a lot, mostly dumbbell stuff though. However, my trainer wouldn’t show me deadlift and squats due to my age. Said that was a “young man’s game and...

LazerTag‎, Yesterday 08:47 AM
Last Post: Yesterday 07:28 PM
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Baby food shortage

How long before the conspiracy theorists claim it's all a plan to get vaccinated moms to breastfeed their babies?

mtpockets‎, 05-11-2022 09:14 AM
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Older Guy Picking up Young Woman in the gym

This guy was maybe over 50 and she was in her 20s? He said, "Wow your body is really changing. Are you training for something in particular? I can really see the difference!". She seemed uncomfortable. Cringe.

DustinTheHuss‎, 05-10-2022 08:57 AM
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