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Post what your Ideal woman looks likes

In this thread I want to see the differences in what people consider their "Ideal woman" looks likes. Combination of both body and face. I'll go first

EnochsProphecy‎, Yesterday 05:13 PM
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Anyone get a dark nihilistic energy around liberals?

feel like they are just around to bring everyone else down

eod8989‎, Today 05:43 AM
Last Post: Today 06:25 AM
by DDSF1  Go to last post
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Lightbulb Trump levels Biden with brutal ad targeting his history of racist comments Biden is perhaps the most racist person to ever run for President

PITA21‎, Yesterday 09:02 PM
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by Titansfan08  Go to last post
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Obese Black "Model" Says Instagram is Censoring Her Pics

A British model is accusing Instagram of censoring Black plus-size bodies — and inspiring a campaign demanding action from the social media platform — after images of her posing with her arms covering her bare chest were repeatedly removed. Nyome Nicholas-Williams, who has posed for Vogue Italia...

GordonXXX‎, Today 05:56 AM
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by FinBra  Go to last post
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Michael Schumacher is a sad story

best f1 racer of all time $800mil networth Good looking The world was his oyster And now he's been paralysed and bed ridden since 2013 while his 4/10 wife spends his money and sold his jet. Life can be cruel

Gringo12‎, Today 05:04 AM
Last Post: Today 06:25 AM
by BohemianSlav  Go to last post
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Is okay to do front levers on rest days

The reason I asked is because I don't have time to do front levers on my upper body workouts because I can only book 1 hour workouts in my gym thanks to covid19

mephiles9‎, Today 05:24 AM
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by MadFury  Go to last post
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I am stalling with linear progression, do I go back, forwards, or stay where I am?

I started working out seriously in August 2019. I spent some time before messing around and not really getting anywhere. I ran with ICF until quarantine hit in March 2020. I saw good progress, even though towards the end I was deloading several times on bench and spinning my wheels a bit. Here were...

Rohan340‎, Yesterday 05:01 PM
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by Rohan340  Go to last post
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Cool ITT we accept Wincel into the Maga brotherhood

Wincel. Come forth and be knighted. Let us raise a glass to Wincel! Welcome brother.

Lefticle‎, Yesterday 04:03 PM
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by CGIJoeBiden  Go to last post
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FID bench that's also a decent prone leg curl machine?

As much as I'd like to get a dedicated leg curl, leg extension machine, I just can't make it work in my already packed garage gym. So I'm stuck using the leg attachment for my FID bench. But it probably goes without saying that it leaves a lot to be desired. But maybe some manufacturer out there...

WWE-TicK‎, 08-10-2020 07:38 AM
Last Post: Today 06:24 AM
by Cpl.Girthington  Go to last post
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"97,000" children have tested positive for COVID in the last 3 weeks... How convenient we heard nothing about kids getting sick until the debate over schools reopening started.

128‎, Yesterday 08:52 PM
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by jamesfrancis1  Go to last post
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BLM leader giving the Green light on looting gbS8WKEk6KQ

demfeelsbro‎, Today 03:55 AM
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by Train57  Go to last post
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Elvis wife was 14?

wtf what excuses are you gonna have for him?

Ravishing_Rick‎, Yesterday 11:49 PM
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by solidus2k3  Go to last post
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CONFUSED (relatively a noob) - Bulk or Cut... bw/ 5' 9" - 5' 10" at 160-165 lbs

Looking at these pics, do you guys think if I try and cut down/lean up i'll look like a scrawny ****? Trying to go for a Zac Efron-isque look from baywatch (yeah, let a man dream) I'm assuming I have a decent amount of muscle given that I can do pushups/pullups/wide grip etc. with ease. Bench...

OmarPPP‎, Yesterday 10:25 AM
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by OmarPPP  Go to last post
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Asian sloot with Onlyfans cucks her man on Instagram (pics)

Sloot is having a dinner celebration with her man and two besties because she hit 10k followers on Instagram. Sloot posts this pic of them: Her cuck posts this on his Insta (cute song added): She reposts his upload and calls him...

CopeFear‎, Today 04:51 AM
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by KingKringe  Go to last post
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Halo Infinite delayed until 2021

oof that had to be a hard decision to make but ultimately the right call. At least we'll get ray tracing at launch now probably.

Lord_Lemon‎, Yesterday 01:23 PM
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by SeymourGains  Go to last post
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Unhappy Lost 40lbs, Now I'm Stuck!

Hey all, this is my first post in the forum and I'm really needing some help. I am: 5'7", Male, 26, BF %: 17.1. 162lbs. Started my weight loss journey almost a year ago, started at 198lbs and over the course of 6-ish months with Noom, I lost 40lbs. Noom basically had me eat 1,400 calories a...

HaydenPS‎, Yesterday 08:55 AM
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by HaydenPS  Go to last post
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Losing Fat

Does hinge just bait you with hot girls at the start?

Legit out of likes and they were ALL hot Wanna get preferred just to like all of them, feels like I’m being baited tho And I even swiped left on hot girls cuz their answers were boring...

BestLifter‎, Today 05:32 AM
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by untranslatedZA  Go to last post
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Exclamation Biden Harris Campaign Slogans

He's almost dead and she's giving head He's sniffing chicks and she's turning tricks He's giving hugs and she's giving tugs He's dumb as rocks and she's sucking cawks We want him gone and she's porking DeSean

Howiester‎, Today 05:48 AM
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by OliverHeldens  Go to last post
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Raw Eggs

Does anybody eat raw eggs on a daily basis?

nat72sherman‎, 08-08-2020 05:42 PM
Last Post: Today 06:21 AM
by damacl6  Go to last post
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15 8 blood pressure brahs misc doctors come in

So was at the hospital for the pilot training medical test. Doc said my bp was 15 8 and that I have to come next week and some device will be attached to me to read it for 24 hours. Had ECG done already doc didnt say anything about it so it should be ok. Did it myself at home again and it...

Sinan09400‎, Today 05:14 AM
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by Sinan09400  Go to last post
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